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When Life Hands You A Kitten…

When life hands you a kitten…

I was feverishly editing and organizing the 750 photos and videos from the previous day’s Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors at Woodland Park Zoo (they needed to be uploaded and ready for the class call the following night) when there was a knock at my front door. It was the young girl who was a cat lover. I know this because in November, she brought one of her two black kittens to show me, and we had a conversation about why neutering a kitten is a very good idea and how her grandmother did not believe in it. I foresaw issues down the road, but they did not turn out to be the ones I anticipated.

On this day, young girl M. asked me if I would like another cat. My mind skidded sideways. Another cat? We still have not adjusted to the recent addition of former outdoor cat Tamerlan, never mind the draining expense of having three cats. Instead of sharing all of that with M., I asked why she was asking. She shared that her grandmother did not want her to keep her kitten. She showed me a photo of a black and white kitten which was completely unlike the one she had brought to my door last year (and who subsequently found his way to my house, somehow, and tried to claw his way into the Catio, detailed in story No More Room at the Inn on my Patreon page).

I dug a little deeper, and the story unfolded in all its sadness. She no longer had the two black male kittens. Her grandmother said that they gave her MRSA and insisted that they be given away. My heart sank. I hope wherever those very lovely, friendly kittens are now, they are safe and well-loved in a forever home. I did send Reiki to the situation on their behalf.

M. showed me a photo of an adorable little black and white female kitten about four months old. The kitten’s name was Ocean (so beautiful).

The story goes that Ocean was “bought” from a cat farm where they had outdoor cats (this translates to me as a feral cat colony). Ocean had not seen a vet, nor had shots, nor was she spayed. The grandmother decided that the kitten had to go (no idea why). I felt so sorry for the young girl. I can tell she really loves cats—the ones I have met have been very sweet and very affectionate. Obviously, they have been showered with love.

I told M. that I would make some calls and help her get Ocean adopted. That took me a while. Red Rose Animal Rescue agreed to take her in (bless them; they do not need more cats) and could pick her up the following day. In the meantime, I had to find Ocean a place to stay overnight. As an unvaccinated, unwormed kitten, she needed to be quarantined away from my three cats and two fosters—there was literally no more room at this Cat Inn.

I am very grateful to my neighbor, who loves cats but is allergic to them, for giving Ocean shelter overnight. Her daughter is crazy about cats, so Ocean was sure to be showered with attention.

Ocean arrived at my door carried in the arms of young M. (no cat carrier), accompanied by a man I assume was her father. I extracted what information I could about Ocean’s history, and young M. asked if I would keep her. I gently explained that I could not, that I already had five cats (collective gasps of astonishment). I think in M’s mind, I was RICH in the cats she wished she had. I explained that I fostered for the rescue group where Ocean would go and receive the help she needed and that she would be spayed. Ocean would then be ready to be adopted into a forever home, which the rescue would work hard to find for her. I cannot express how heavy a responsibility all of this felt on my shoulders. Since when had I become the local haven for unwanted cats and heartsore little girls?

I felt all of that weight as I took Ocean from M.’s arms and deposited her in the carrier. M. expressed concern over her being shut in the carrier. I did my best to explain that she needed it for safety to come into my house.

M.’s final question for me was a concerning one. She asked me if I knew anyone who had dogs for adoption. I said I did not but that the Seattle Animal Shelter had many dogs available for adoption. M. asked her father if they could go there, and he said yes. Oh, my. I sincerely hope that the agency asks a LOT of questions, and if an adoption goes through that things go better for a dog than it has for cats. However, I suspect a dog will be obtained from someone’s backyard breeding operation instead. For the sake of all, I hope that does not result in another unwanted animal and a knock on my door.

When I brought the carrier with Ocean in it into the house, Night Sky was incensed. How could I bring another cat in? I told him it was VERY temporary and to settle down.

When I opened the carrier at my neighbor’s house, I saw a concerned little face looking up at me. I don’t think Ocean had ever been in a carrier, but she was handling it well. I did my best to explain what I could to Ocean, and I offered her Reiki to support her in her transition. Ocean began to relax in my hands and gave a little purr. After gaining security in her Cat Hut, she had a bit to eat and came out to explore. My neighbor was delighted with her, and I left all the supplies needed for Ocean’s sleepover, including cat toys.

Ocean was picked up the following morning by foster Tiffany and is receiving all the care she needs. She will be spayed this Saturday and potentially available for adoption on Monday, March 27.

If you would like to adopt Ocean, I encourage you to submit an application to Red Rose Animal Rescue ASAP, as she is adorable and will go quickly. Tiffany says, “She is really quite the sweet girl! She has settled in pretty easily and seems to be familiar with dogs, doesn’t mind being picked up/held, and has the sweetest little growly purr.”

Please make a donation to Red Rose Animal Rescue if you can. They need the support, especially if cats keep coming to me!


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