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Raccoon Family Picnic And Pool Party Videos

Raccoon Family Picnic and Pool Party Videos

So excited to finally share Raccoon Family Picnic and Pool Party from last July! It has taken me this long to edit all the amazing footage this family blessed me with.

Mama Raccoon and her four babies not only stopped by for a visit; they also held a party with snacks at poolside and stayed for longer than I can ever recall.

 I chose to include some of the pool party in the first video to tell the story and reserved the rest for the second so that it did not get too confusing for viewers.

The first video begins with crinkling sounds. Mama Raccoon found a tasty treat that she was not inclined to share with her kits. I later discovered that my neighbor’s trash was strewn across the alley. There are teenagers in the house, and they have a habit of not securing the trash and throwing away food that raccoons consider a treasure.

Apparently, Mama dined well, because afterward, she had a good long drink at the fountain, and then she had a lie-down. Seeing her stretch and then relax for a nap brought tears to my eyes. It meant that she felt that her family was safe at the Wild Reiki Spa, and that meant everything to me.

Of course, like most mothers, Mama did not have the opportunity to nap for long. The footage that followed was sweet, tender, playful and so darned cute…

The raccoon at the end of Part 1 is an adult male who arrived long after the party ended. He was very interested in reading the scents of what he had missed.

To the best of my knowledge, Mama successfully raised all four babies. I hope that she will be back again this year and perhaps some of her offspring will return, too.

Please like and share. It is important that people get an opportunity to see the softer side of raccoons. They are our neighbors, too.

Raccoon Family Picnic and Pool Party Part 1

Raccoon Family Picnic and Pool Party Part 2


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