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Reiki For A Dragon

Reiki for a Dragon

After too long an absence, I recently paid a visit to the Zoo Animal Ambassadors (ZAA) at the Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ). I was excited to see them again and spend time with two Reiki friends, one of whom I had not seen for at least two years.

My spirit guides suggested taking the time to get reacquainted with all the ZAA rather than going in ceremony in an official capacity to gather their prayers. A day of fun with friends, human and otherwise. But, of course, any requests for Reiki would be honored (-:

There were a couple of requests, but the encounter that stood out the most for all three of us was our time with a Komodo Dragon.

Komodo Dragon Biryani, ©Rose De Dan

There are two Komodos at the WPZ that I know of. The first one we saw was busy doing dragon things, but the second was alert and interested. I could not recall his name (so many ZAA at so many zoos over the years…), but Katie said, “I think his name is Berani.” As soon as she said that, the Dragon whipped his head around to look at us, so I silently asked, “Is your name Berani?” He said, “Yes.” We had his full attention, so we asked Berani if he would like some Reiki, and he quickly said, “Yes.”

With his permission granted, the three of us used distance Reiki (Reiki Level 2) to send him Reiki with the intention for his highest and best good. As soon as the energy began to flow, Berani started walking toward us. Although the energy could reach him wherever he was, he wanted to be closer to us. There was a log in his way, so with his powerful front legs, he lifted his upper body up so that his head was more level with ours, and settled in to receive.

Komodo Dragon Biryani on log receives Reiki

Berani’s position offered the perfect opportunity to witness his surrender to the Reiki energy. As the energy flowed, his entire body relaxed, his eyes softened and his eyelids dropped down halfway—definitely a Reiki face! However, the lack of tension in his muscles also caused his body to start a slow slide downward as gravity claimed him. Still in the flow of the Reiki energy, Berani did not change position; in slow motion his upper slowly slid back to the ground, followed by one front leg, until finally, all we could see of him from the front was the one remaining paw with fearsome dragon claws resting on the log.

When we finished sending Reiki, he stretched a little and said “thank you.”

Thank you, Berani, you made our day!


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