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Day 9 Of Foster Life With Three Rescue Cats

Day 9 of Foster Life with Three Rescue Cats

Note: Jimmy the Grey, Sadiya Golden Eyes, and Noctua are three cats rescued from a hoarding house by Red Rose Animal Rescue weeks after their caretaker passed away. Thirty-eight cats were left alone with no food for too long which is why these three look so thin and ragged—they were among the last to be found. My mission is to feed them well and build trust so that these semi-ferals can be adopted. This is our journey.

Part 1: Jimmy the Grey and Feeding Time

Jimmy the Grey is really coming into his own after being so scared. Here you can really see his affectionate personality shining through when he offers me a kiss. Putting his face up to mine is a supreme act of trust—a gesture that always touches my heart.


Part 2: Jimmy gives love

Jimmy the Grey is really coming into his own after being so scared. Here you can really see his affectionate personality shining through when he offers me a kiss. Putting his face up to mine is a supreme act of trust—a gesture that always touches my heart.


Part 3: Jimmy strums the toy

I always put the wand toy up on the table after Jimmy and I finish playing, but lately, I have been finding it on the floor, waiting for me (-: Our play time is usually short, mostly because Jimmy would rather receive love and/or Reiki which can be seen in the next video ( Sadiya is still warming up to the idea of playing a game with me, and I have not yet managed to entice her mother (formerly Tortie No Name Yet) out, never mind out to play.

BIG NEWS: TNNY finally has a name, and it is a doozy! She agreed to receive a name but said that she wanted it to be something mysterious. Last night, when she allowed me to see her face, I got a clear impression of Owl. So I sat with that, and the next thing that came to me was the goddess Athena. Recalling my Greek and Roman history, I remembered the owl associated with Athena. The little owl’s Latin name is Athenae noctua, meaning Owl of Athena, night owl, or little bird depending on where you look. So far, since she only ventures out of the kitty cup at night, the name seems quite appropriate, lol. I asked her if she liked the name, and she said yes. She wants it to be shortened to Noctua—so Noctua she is!


Part 4: Reiki Time for Cats Jimmy, Sadiya, Noctua

The cats and I are starting to fall into a natural daily routine based on what we are learning about each other. Playtime is usually followed by the VERY popular Reiki Time. Indeed, today Jimmy abandoned play time in order to climb into my lap (a recently learned behavior) and settled himself in to receive Reiki energy healing.

All three cats are in need of emotional and physical healing. Besides recovering from starvation, they have crusty eyes, snotty noses, trauma from their former living conditions, and need to recover from the general shock of everything involved in being rescued (very scary for semi-feral cats—Noctua may actually be feral, only time will tell).

For the session, while I am offering Reiki to Jimmy, I am also sending Reiki to Sadiya and Noctua (with their permission) since at present they prefer not to be handled. You can observe Jimmy switch from purr-mode to Reiki-trance mode, and shift his body position so that my hand was where he wanted it to be. Then his focus turns inward as the energy flows, and after a while you see him come back to awareness and he resumes purring (perhaps I should nickname him “Motorboat”). All the while, Sadiya had gone into her own deep state of Reiki relaxation. It is the only time I’ve seen her with her eyes completely closed. I suspect the same is true for Noctua, but she is tucked into the kitty cup, out of sight.

Click here to see earlier videos of the three foster cats and their transformation.

Red Rose Animal Rescue works to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share in the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel and inhumane treatment. Run by a mother/son duo, Red Rose offers a united, amplified voice for those who do not have one. They specialize in domestic cats, kittens, neonates, puppies, and dogs. They are also one of the few rescue organizations that will take on project cats such as ferals and semi-ferals and give them the socialization time needed in hopes of adoption into a forever home. Donations are very welcome, along with volunteers of all skill sets, foster homes, and adopters.


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