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Crow Friendship

For several years my resident male crow was a handsome fellow I called Dark Wing. He was easy to distinguish because one wing had been injured earlier in life, and kind of drooped if he did not consciously hold it up. We had a close relationship as far as communicating went, but I got the impression from him that his wing injury was human related, and he never was comfortable getting all all close to me physically.

One day Dark Wing disappeared, never to be seen again. In my grief I did not really connect with the new guy who took over the territory. Oh, I put out nuts for the new crow couple, gourmet leftovers, and my cat Manitou’s hunting trophies—but of course it was not the same.

Recently the male crow (I know he is male since I have not seen his mate recently as she would be sitting their nest), has been indicating that he is open to a closer relationship. He has taken to paying some attention to me when I walk in the neighborhood, and comes to check on me when I am in the back yard, often perching on the wire above my head. I know it is not so much my company he is seeking, as he is giving me a gentle nudge that he would like something to eat (if I would be so kind), but it is heartwarming nonetheless. He is silent about it, too. There is no begging, just his quiet presence. I speak to him, and if I have something I let him know what it is and how soon I can offer it to him.

This morning I was taking the cover off my flower seedlings when I heard the rustle of wings, and the sound of talons on the wooden fence behind me. I turned slightly, and it was the male crow (shall have to look into a name, soon). He was perched on the fence post about two feet from me, which was a definite shift in his trust. I thought he might fly off when I began talking to him, but he sat quite still and listened as I told him that I had nuts and would bring them out to him.

He stayed on the post as I came out the back door with the bag of nuts. I carefully picked out a really nice looking Brazil nut which I held out to show him. I walked toward the fence to exit the back yard and expected him to fly off, but he didn’t, so as I walked by him (I could easily have touched him) I casually placed the nut on the top of the opposite fence post. As I made my way to the usual area where I place the offerings I heard him retrieve the Brazil nut from where I had placed it. He stood there with the nut in his beak and carefully watched where I placed the rest of the nuts before flying off to consume his prize. He was back shortly thereafter to retrieve the rest.

So, it appears that our relationship has shifted to another level, and all by his choice. That makes the gift of his friendship even sweeter.


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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