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Manitou And The Mole Caper

Manitou and the Mole Caper

I was hard at work on the Woodland Park Zoo photos for students of Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors when I heard the unique cry that my cat Manitou uses to tell me that he is at the back door and has a “present” for me.

Answering his call I discovered that he had killed a mole. I reward him with a treat for moles and rats since we do not have enough other predators in our urban environment to keep things in balance (this also encourages him to shift his focus from birds). He gets his treat in the house, which enables me to slip outside and carry the body of the poor unfortunate to the place where I leave him/her out for the crows so that the wheel of life is honored. And I always build a bridge of light for the deceased to honor their crossing and offer support.

After performing the ritual for the current mole I came back inside. Manitou had finished his snack and was ready to go back out on patrol, so I let him out.

I went back to work for all of about two minutes when I heard his cry again. Preoccupied with what I was doing I idly thought to myself, “That was really fast,” gave him another treat, and went outside again to perform my eulogy duties for another mole.

When I carried the body to the spot I saw that the previous mole was gone—or so I thought. Taking a closer look at the mole I was carrying it dawned on me that I’d been had—Manitou had found my spot for the crow undertakers and had decided if it worked once…that cat…

Update, the following day: Manitou brought me another mole, and received his treat in the house while I did ceremony and turned the body over to the crow undertaker who was waiting for it. So this time I witnessed the body being removed, and sure enough, when Manitou went back outside after his treat he walked the entire 100-feet of curb (where I normally place the body) looking for it. I know he was planning to try to pull the wool over my eyes again…


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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