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Paw Reiki

Paw Reiki, Tank the cat and Jan ©2014 Rose De Dan

Paw Reiki: Jan Thompson and Tank, ©2014 Rose De Dan

It is always a delight to teach Reiki, and the best perk is all the great stories that my students share about their experiences.

Tank is a handsome tabby cat who lives with Jan Thompson, and who I have assisted with sessions from time to time. At 15 he is getting on in years, but having rebounded from a near-death experience due to kidney failure two years ago he is doing amazingly well (look for his story under Animal Testimonials).

Tank is a very lovable character. And, as it turns out, he is also a very good teacher.

Because Tank needs regular energy support I had encouraged Jan to take a Reiki class to be able to help him on a daily basis with his kidney, gut and aging-related issues which include arthritis in his back and hips. She graduated with flying colors from my live Reiki 1 teleclass series this past November.

As part of their training online students are required to complete a certain number of sessions for people and animals and write them up so that I can offer guidance and insights. The stories—most of which are shared in our private group or during the call—inspire everyone, myself included.

When I teach my students how to offer Reiki to animals I encourage them to listen to the energy and the animal client—to respect their wishes and work with them accordingly. Jan and Tank had an amazing experience together, and with permission, I share their story here.

November 16

“I am writing up my case summary on my first animal session. After our teleclass on Wednesday, I felt this big desire to talk to Tank, our 15-year old male tabby with kidney issues. It was not a Reiki session, per say, but I just wanted to tell him how much I loved him, that I was taking Reiki classes to benefit all of us, and that I needed his help. I asked him to please be my teacher and to help me learn from him. As I said good night to him, he gave me a slow blink, and then he reached a paw up and touched my cheek. Yep, I had tears.

“I had done Reiki on him a few times before this but he hasn’t wanted any hands-on stuff, except for his paws. In fact, he has been moving away from me—just out of reach—so that I can’t touch him anywhere but on his paws. I had a really hard time with letting go of the outcome on this. I wanted to help and he didn’t want it. Whaaaa! He was letting me know that he didn’t want to be touched for whatever reason.

“On Saturday I thought I would try again to see what would transpire with my little darling. It started out the same way. We’d get comfortable and when I would try to touch him, he would move away—the only place I could touch him were on his paws. At one point, he would only let me touch one paw, as he placed his second paw on top of my hand. In essence, he had MY hand in a Reiki sandwich with both of his front paws.

“I tried to let go of the outcome and closed my eyes. We were like this for a long time. He did enjoy me petting him with other hand, but only around his neck. Then he did something I was not expecting. He rolled over onto his side, exposing his plump little tummy to me. I did not react right away as I didn’t want to spoil the moment. Then I very gingerly placed one hand on his belly and he did not move away. We stayed like that for a long time. He stretched out a little more and I placed my second hand on his belly. His breathing slowed, my breathing slowed. I do not know how long we held this connection but it was a great experience!

“I hope this was a breakthrough session with him, but I don’t want to count on it. If he only wants paw Reiki then that’s what I’ll do until he lets me know otherwise. Letting go of the outcome is the key in this, at least for me.

“It was an awesome session for both of us.”

November 20

“On with the Paw Reiki—I started with both of my hands on his paws and closed my eyes. He put his head down on top of my hands and began drooling and purring. I had my head resting on the pillow right next to him. He moved his head to lick my hand and my forehead when he wanted to. We stayed like that for about ten minutes. He shifted slightly so I thought I would try Reiki on his back from two inches above. Nope, No Way, Nada! He got up and walked away. I think that was a pretty clear message he was sending me. When he settled back down, we resumed the paw Reiki. After we got reestablished, he pulled out one of his paws and placed it on top of my hand—again. This seems to be his pattern and I love it. We are doing this warm, cozy, fuzzy paw Reiki sandwich thing. He again stretched and rolled over exposing his belly to me, and I was able to do some energy work on his cute tummy before our session ended. I feel comfortable that he is leading me in the right direction of his Reiki needs. It is a pleasure having him as my teacher.”

November 21

“I had another session with Tank this afternoon. My husband did try to get a picture of this ‘Paw Reiki’ thing that we have going on, but there is room for improvement since the lighting was off. To my amazement today, Tank started the whole session off right away with wanting a paw Reiki sandwich. After about 10 minutes he got up and moved. I thought maybe he was done. He had his back towards me. I took a chance and slowly reached out and touched his back with one hand. He turned and looked at me as if to say, ‘Ok, you can do this now.’ That is the first time he has allowed me to touch his back area. Score! It lasted another 10 minutes.”

Postscript from Rose: As a result of Tank’s learning to trust that Jan will respect his wishes, he now asks when he needs Reiki and will guide her to where he needs it most.

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©2014 Rose De Dan. All Rights Reserved.


Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

Her book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism features heartwarming stories about animals and their role in her evolution as an energy worker and shamanic healer.

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