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A Little Spritz Does The Trick For Poppy The Cat

A Little Spritz Does the Trick for Poppy the Cat

I did a shamanic reading with the intention of Poppy’s highest good and the answer that I received surprised me. My conscious mind might have selected Serene as a first choice, which is why an energetic read is a much better way of getting an answer since it bypasses intellectual analysis and goes straight to asking the energy field of the client and that of the mist if there is a positive energetic match to help with the issue. I asked twice more, and each time I received a very strong “yes” to mist Iceland Spar. So I recommended the mist and Jan purchased it.

A little later Jan shared with me that Poppy was demonstrating the most amazing behavior. At first she would run when she heard the “psst” sound of the mist being sprayed in the air above her, but not for long—now when she sees the bottle approaching she sits down and waits patiently while the mist settles drifts down through her energy field. And Poppy will also go to the mist bottle and ask to be sprayed when she feels it is time for another “hit.”

And then, unfortunately, Jan ran out. She wrote, “Poppy sees the little blue bottle and walks up to it, wanting to be misted…but the well is dry. And I have noticed a big difference in her demeanor since running out. She is much more shy and wary, and she is not sleeping in her favorite bed but behind the couch. I would have never believed this had I not seen it with my own eyes!”

Jan wrote again after receiving a new bottle, “WOW!!!  There was a substantial turn-around in her behavior (much more calm) in less than 24 hours…she is curled up asleep IN HER BED! That is huge.  She had not done that since I ran out of the mist a week ago.  My jaw dropped! What’s in that stuff? I want some! I am, once again, amazed! Thank you.”

And yes, the mists offer benefits for people, too. Click here to see the Vi Miere mists, perhaps there’s one that can help you or your animal companion.


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Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author. Her classes, sessions and ceremonial work are inspired by wild and domestic animals who have issued a call to action for personal and global healing.

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  1. Very, VERY intriquing! I have several elderly cats with renal insufficiency, two with hyperthyroidism, and a 19 yr old with a broken (splinted and healing) leg. Also an old, heavy mare with a loose stifle and a dog with all sorts of leg issues. I’ll be reading your blog with interest!

    1. Bless your heart, you have a great many elders in your care! I find them wonderful to have as clients as well as companions – seniors have a great deal of wisdom to share and a great store of patience while imparting it (-: If I have any questions just let me know. Best wishes to all, Rose

      1. Make that “heavey” mare, not “heavy” mare.

        Thank you, Rose. Yes, I do live with quite a few 4-legged elders, and we are all becoming more elderly with every passing day. I wrote a recent blog entry on my ever-growing appreciation of aged animals ( They have a resolve of spirit that I envy and admire.

        I wish you were my neighbor, Rose. The 4-leggeds and I would love to invite you over for tea, say, every day for the next few decades. 😉


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