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Island Countries May Be Underwater As Global Warming Increases

As a shamanic student my teachers advised me to choose my responsibilities carefully. As an individual and a shaman I am feeling called to work toward reversing the trend of global warming, a trend that threatens all of the inhabitants of Pachamama, Mother Earth. Our so-called advanced civilization created this crisis, it is time for each of us to accept responsibility and to unite to create positive change. The following call for action came from

“Imagine the sea rising around you as your country literally disappears beneath your feet, where the food you grow and the water you drink is being destroyed by salt, and your last chance is to seek refuge in other lands where climate refugees have no official status. This is not a dream, it’s the fearful reality for millions of people who live on islands around the world, from the Maldives to Papua New Guinea.

“That is why these small islands are planning the unprecedented step next week, ahead of the UN General Assembly meeting, of calling on the Security Council itself to address climate change as a pressing threat to international peace and security.

“This is a creative move born of desperation, a challenge to global powers to end their complacency and tackle this lethal crisis with the urgency of wars. This effort could help shift the tenor of the world’s debate — from a far-off storm cloud to a life-threatening crisis here and now. But the island states’ campaign will meet fierce opposition from the world’s biggest polluters, so they need our help.

Sign the petition now to raise a worldwide chorus of support for this call — our signatures will be presented to the UN by the islands’ ambassadors as they introduce their resolution next week.”

Breaking News: Maldive President Nasheed, whose country is one of those threatened, calls for global action on October 24, 2009 by leading the first underwater demonstration. On October 17 he held an underwater global cabinet summit to draw attention to the international treaty meeting in Copenhagen in December. Watch his call to action, and take steps in your area, visit

It is time to step up, how will you answer the call to action?

Think Outside the Cage

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition. In addition she is also a Reiki Master Teacher, animal communicator, author of the acclaimed book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism, and creator of Animal and Reiki Art. As an animal shaman, she views her role as a healer as one of building bridges between people and animals, and of empowering them to reconnect with Pachamama, Mother Earth.

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  1. This is sure a subject all of us should think about, I’ve started reiki training, it sure opens up up your heart to other living things in this world.

  2. Thank you so much for this important reminder that we can all raise our voices, and hopefully help those facing the Global Warming Crisis directly. Bright Blessings!

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