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What’s It All About, Reiki?

Reiki Master Rose De Dan answers your questions about Reiki benefits for animals & people.

Two Dogs

A story of animal communication and compassion



"We reached the old wolf in time to watch the fierce green fire dying in her eyes... There was something new to me in those eyes-- something known only to her and the mountains. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch. I thought that because fewer wolves more deer that no wolves would mean hunter's paradise, but after seeing the green fire die, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view." — Aldo Leopold

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Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

What’s It All About, Reiki?: Heard about the healing energy of Reiki in the news or from a family member or friend? Curious? Reiki Master Teacher Rose De Dan answers your questions. Click here to listen.

Local and Worldwide Reiki Classes
Reiki Level 1: Seattle Reiki 1 Class or Worldwide Reiki 1 Teleclass Series.

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Toucan look WPZ home page Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors Class Series: Zoo Animal Ambassadors have invited us to listen to their perceptions and connect with them as spiritual beings in this class series. We’ll utilize basic shamanic techniques to enable us to shift our filters to truly hear their messages. Two class options make it possible to attend locally or worldwide, and begin December 1. Space is limited, so don’t delay! To learn more click here.
Bluebell the Buffalo at Earthfire Institute ©Rose De Dan Gift of the Animals Teleseminar Series: The animals would like to help us shift back into connection with them. In order for that to happen we need to view the world through their eyes for a moment—to shift to their way of perceiving. This four-week series of telecalls will be hosted by three humans and living animals at Earthfire Institute and ones in the realm of spirit. Series begins December 3. No prerequisite. Click here to learn more.
Manitou blesses BSFF home page ©2014 Rose De Dan Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur Shamanic Teleclass: Eight-week training is taught by All Our Relations. Improve your relationship with domestic and wild animals, increase animal communication skills, restore balance to your life, and help heal the Earth. Click here for info.


Our Practice

Think Outside the Cage

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, is dedicated to assisting animals and people live happier, healthier lives by building bridges between people and animals.

A Wild Way to Heal

We offer alternative healing sessions for animals and people blending Reiki, shamanism, and animal communication. Sessions are available by phone consultation or in person in Seattle, Wash.


Unleash Your Animal Spirit

We also offer Reiki and shamanic classes, workshops, and events, teaching people how to integrate ancient healing skills into modern life for more joy and better connection and communication with animals. Private ReikiShamanic mentoring/coaching is also available for practitioners.

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What is Reiki? What is shamanic healing?

Reiki energy work can be described as a gentle healing modality, rebalancing the energy centers while allowing release of pain, stress, grief and other issues of the spirit and body. Shamanic energy work is more direct and intense, tracking stuck energy to its source and enabling quick release of deep-rooted patterns of illness and emotional distress.

When combined, these two ancient and powerful healing modalities create a deeper, more soulful healing in sessions for pets, wildlife and humans. Animal communication is also utilized for the best benefit of the client.

Read touching and informative personal stories/testimonials written in the client’s own words.

Classes and Ceremonies

A Reiki Master Teacher since 1996, Rose De Dan teaches all levels of Reiki classes. Read Reiki storieswritten by students on the benefits of Reiki in their lives. A mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition since 1998, Rose also conducts shamanic workshops, ceremonies and events focusing on how to live a life in balance and guided by Spirit. Read first-person accounts of powerful life-changing shamanic experiences by students.

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Products and Spiritual Gifts

We carry a unique selection of Reiki, shamanic gifts and Peruvian imports for healing and journeying.

  • Shamanic supplies and gifts: Peruvian rattles, palo santo wood, smudge kits, and more
  • Healing Vi Miere crystal essence mists for people and pets
  • Reiki and shamanic gifts: t-shirts, water bottles/mugs, shopping totes/bags, hats, license plate frames, posters, and more
  • Powerful and healing dowsing pendulums for deepening intuitive skills, healing and protection

Pet/Wildlife Resources and Videos

A growing resource section for information regarding animal rescue and welfare:

  • Animal shelter/rescue organizations
  • Lost pet tips and resources
  • Inspiring people and animal videos
  • Animal rights and welfare
  • Natural pet foods and supplements
  • Global warming resources
  • Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation

Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism
Meet the myriad of animals that populate the pages of Tails of a Healer, and follow the evolution of energy healer and animal communicator Rose De Dan as she delights in their exploits, journeys with them on the paths of healing, marvels at their wisdom, and revels in their joy in life.

  • Heartwarming and amazing true stories of animal communication
  • Humorous tales of what happens when different worlds collide: animal vs. human, ancient traditions meet modern world
  • Powerful stories of healing: life and death, and life after death
  • Helpful tips on better communication and health for your animal companion