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Carnival of Healing #234: Awareness

Puma in the Light
©Rose De Dan 2011

Welcome to Carnival of Healing #234! Last month the Carnival was hosted by Dee Savoy’s reikified! blog.

This is the Carnival’s fourth visit to Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Blog, and as I put this issue together I became conscious of a common theme: nurturing mindful awareness of our personal connections, and promoting self-awareness for health in mind, body and spirit. And for February, traditionally the month of Valentine’s, the theme of loving awareness seemed particularly appropriate. May these posts inspire and support you, and your loved ones!



I’m leading off with posts by bloggers who wrote about our connections with animals and nature not only because my own site leans that way, but also because their focus struck a personal chord. These past few weeks I have had to struggle with solutions for aging-related issues for my own dog, Puma. Coping with senior issues has made me very aware of how precious moments spent with a loved one really are, and I have a whole new appreciation for Puma’s patience and understanding with me when I introduced him to non-skid dog boots for the first time!

Robyn M Fritz of Bridging the Paradigms gives us a glimpse into her personal time with her animals in Daily Rituals with Our Animals: Saving the World One Family at a Time. Reading it inspired me to take the time to tell my animals how much I love them as I prepare their daily meals. Not only is it a nice ritual, it infuses positive energy into their meals and honors the food sources—the animals and plants—that nourish them.

Beth Lowell of Animal Spirit also explores the concept of dialogue, with animals and people, in On Clear Communication, making the point that clarity in communication with any species can only be accomplished through awareness of intention.

In The Youngest Have The Oldest Way Of Knowing Laura Grace Weldon traces our unhappiness as adults to a disconnection, as we mature, from the perception of oneness with the natural world that we had as children. Laura says, “This affirms what our species long understood and only recently forgot. We are inextricably connected to the natural world for sustenance, meaning, learning, and perhaps most intimately, for our sense of self. Looking at the whole swath of human existence, we are barely out of the hunter-gatherer era. Each of us is tuned to nature’s wavelength. Yet we conduct our lives as if we are separate. The youngest children among us may sense how wrong this is.”



Many of us are familiar with the technique called kinesiology (or muscle testing) as used for determining allergies to certain foods. Diane Ho demonstrates how we can use the same technique as a tool for reducing inner conflict and stress in Self Muscle Testing for Greater Self-Awareness.

According to Wikipedia, “Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and/or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.” In the unique blog Buris On The Couch, a married couple present their self-aware perceptions of what it takes to move past hurt feelings in Forgive and Forget.

Blogger Nicia Aiyetoro of Nicia Travels: Chronicles of a Spiritual Journey shares a moving personal story in The Secret of Forgiveness and offers insightful reasons for why we should move on with our lives and not remain stuck in the past. She says, “A decision not to forgive is a decision to mentally be hurt again and again.”

And Sean Burrows offers excellent calming techniques that can be used before we do or say something that we may need to seek forgiveness for later in How to Stay Calm and Relaxed When Feeling Angry.



Finding it easier to give than receive, many of us look outside ourselves for love, rather than within. To assist us in having a wonderful loving life right now, Daylle Deanna Schwartz of Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat offers us the 10 Commandments of Self-Love in Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. Perhaps after reading it you’ll send yourself an appreciation Valentine!



Aaron Hoopes of Wandering Sage Wisdom explores The Foundation of Human Potential, comparing it to a well-tended garden which requires balance in order to thrive. He says, “Once the body is healthy and the mind is clear, we are more fully able to embrace our heart, soul and spirit.”

Louis Savalli of The Sea, The Sun, The Fields, The Tide shares his personal steps through The Healing Process…or A Healing Process, exploring emotions, physical expression, and awareness of the mind-body connection.

Charles Chua C K of All About Living with Life says, “To be mindful is to live in the moment, conscious [of] what you are doing, paying complete attention to your work or having fun freely and fully.” In Effective Ways to be Mindful he offers tips on how to create a balanced life.



Who says healthy can’t be tasty, too? Thailand Breeze offers a cherished family recipe for Honey-Citrus Yogurt Drink full of protein, vitamins, minerals, some fiber and vital enzymes. It sounds so good I can’t wait to try it!

Need more protein in your diet? Next month’s Carnival host, WP Ho of The Conscious Life clears up some misconceptions and takes a look at non-dairy, whole foods in 50 Foods High in Protein.


And that concludes this issue of Carnival of Healing #234. Next month’s host for Carnival of Healing #235 is WP Ho at The Conscious Life, and I invite you to submit an article.


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  1. What a wonderful collection of posts. I’m enjoying a slow mosey through the sites listed, finding all sorts of wisdom. What a blessing. Thanks for including my post.

  2. Thanks for posting this. As a healer, sometimes I can forget this simple wisdom. But just when I think I am being selfish, I realize love is just love, and loving myself deeply affects myself and everyone around me. It feels so good.

    Sending love!

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