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Carnival of Healing #215: Explorations

Sand tiger tailsm

Catch a Tiger by His Toe... Rose De Dan©2009

Welcome to Carnival of Healing #215!

Last week the Carnival was hosted by Janet Dagley Dagley at The Reiki Digest.

This is the second time the Carnival has been hosted here on the Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Blog, and once again I had a great time exploring new articles, insights, and perspectives from other bloggers around the world. It is kind of like going on a virtual adventure for mind, body and spirit. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did!



In this issue we are blessed with an abundance of great stories and articles about animals, animal teachers, and animal healing.

Our first post is actually a photo submitted by Maggi at Cottage Reiki of a hen receiving Reiki after being attacked by a buzzard, proving that Reiki is not just for urban animals!

Did you know that what you think can influence your animal? Lena McCullough, DVM of A Path with Paws explores how the power of intention can affect your animal companion, and offers three easy-to-use exercises to improve healing in You Are What You Think.

And animal communicator Danielle Tremblay shares the story of a dog who became ill and how he was able to supply information for the vets that ultimately contributed to his diagnosis and complete recovery in William and the ‘River Rock’: A Health Story.

If you have ever loved and lost an animal companion you will be touched by the experiences that Maureen Burkley of Healing Animal Truths and her dog Lucky share in the final stages of Lucky’s hospice care. Lucky still had something to teach Maureen, and was not leaving until she did. Read Lucky Rose Burkley 7/12/95-10/15/09, and keep the tissues handy.

Of course I love Reiki stories about animals, and this one comes from John Sawyer of Critter Reiki, animal shelter volunteer. Learn how Reiki can facilitate trust and relaxation for one sweet little Pomeranian with neurological issues in Reiki At AID: Allie.

Finally, a well-written article from Beth Lowell at Mysterious Beautiful entitled Algae – Why I recommend this superfood for every pet…and every pet owner. After reading the information that Beth shared, I am inspired to obtain some and try it on my cat, Kiya, who has suffered for years from chronic sinus issues. As someone who also works holistically with animals clients, I like the fact that the four algae work with the body’s master glands to encourage self-healing, and am interested in the possible benefits for other clients with autoimmune issues, seizures, etc.



Elizabeth Harper creates a weekly video “ColorScope” blog, essentially an intuitive oracle. Each week she offers three colors with imaginative names, and then invites people to intuitively select one of them using their intuition. Once selected they listen to the message she has created for that color. For the week of November 9 she was inspired by the animals in her life and the messages they bring, perfect for Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing! So, are you “Golden Retriever Orange, “Tabby Cat Calico” or “Barred Owl Brown”? Visit Sealed with Love to find out.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz (from the well-named blog Lessons from A Recovering DoorMat) explores the ways in which your perspective on a situation can make a difference in whether you attract positive or negative things into your life, and offers examples of how to shift negative thoughts in Law of Attraction in Action: Perspective.

I truly enjoyed reading Sacred Sounds by Anne McCrady of InSpiritry, and no wonder, she is a poet and storyteller as well as an inspirational speaker. She vividly invokes a rich landscape, weaving a lovely tapestry from the autumn season and the dance of the winds and wind chimes; taking the reader on an inspirational journey.

The flu, or influenza as it is formally known, is all the news these days. But did you know that it is also old news? Rheanni Lightwater of Emotional Healing Circle poses a truly interesting question, “What does the flu and religious intolerance have in common?” Read Under the Influenza and explore how you can learn to neutralize the negative energy of paranoia and intolerance through intuitive learning.



Want to decrease your stress levels, keep your immune system supported, and feel like you have a balanced life? Jenny Shih of Rising Sun Coaching Blog gives you four clues for when It’s Time to Play Hooky.

Jennifer Manion of Heal Pain Naturally writes movingly of her four-year struggle to prove the doctors wrong, and of the insights and tools that finally made all the difference in Don’t Give Up — Surrender Instead to Heal and Move Forward.



We all know how healing laughter is, and it is even better when we can laugh at ourselves. As the holidays approach, Madeleine Begun Kane has some humorous suggestions for making life easier for couples in her Mad Gift Giving Guide.

At Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong, Shauna Johnson, Culinary Instructor at Wellspring Weight Loss Camps, shares her tips on how to get to where you need to be without putting on those extra pounds in Healthy Holiday Travel.



Sometimes we need a reminder of the basics in our busy lives, and John’s Healthy Lifestyle does just that with Some Simple Golden Rules for Nutrition and Health.

WP Ho of The Conscious Life presents a through and well written article exploring How to Get the Most Out of Omega-3 Fats. Learn how to tilt the omega fats balance in your favor and turn your body into a powerful anti-inflammatory machine.



Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia will appreciate this first in a four-part series by Sherrie Sisk of The Tramadol Diaries on beating “fibro fog” – that diminished mental capacity that sometimes accompanies it. How To Beat Fibro-Fog and Get Your Brain Back in Gear examines its various manifestations and some possible causes. It also provides an overview of a three-phased approach to combating it.

Melissa a.k.a. The Cellulite Analyst, struggled with adult acne for years until her lymph drainage specialist, also a trained psychotherapist, helped her uncover a healing insight in The Mind-Body Connection in Action: How a Single Psychotherapy Session Healed My Cystic Acne.



Yoga is for all stages of life, and what better time to lay the foundations of a healthy lifestyle than during childhood? Adam Pedley of Natural Parenting Tips explains the benefits of Yoga for Children, promoting positive family time, and offers a tip on where to find a DVD that teaches the ABCs through yoga poses!


And that concludes this issue of Carnival of Healing #215, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did presenting it. Next week’s host for Carnival of Healing #216 is Cari Cambell at Your Joyous Life, and I invite you to submit an article.

I hope you enjoyed the many articles by inspiring writers featured here!


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Think Outside the Cage

Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC, is a paq’o and mesa carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero Andean Medicine Tradition. In addition she is also a Reiki Master Teacher, animal communicator, author of the acclaimed book Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism, and creator of Animal and Reiki Art. As an animal shaman, she views her role as a healer as one of building bridges between people and animals, and of empowering them to reconnect with Pachamama, Mother Earth.

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  1. Great carnival! Thank you for including The Tramadol Diaries in it – this is some excellent company to be in. Now off to read some cool blog posts – fabulous mix of topics, by the way.

  2. WOW!!! This is a fabulous Healing Carnival. I love all the animal references and the combined energy of all the blog posts have created a beautiful healing energy. Thank you for including my blog amongst such a stellar array of talent.

  3. Namaste, thank you so much for including the picture of the little hen recieving Reiki. I am honoured by your mentions.
    Best wishes and love always,

    Maggi :o)

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