Animal Messages

Interview with
Rose De Dan,
Lilou's Juicy Living Tour

The Pachamama Stakes: Race for the Earth

Tales from A Walk on the Wild Side and Windwalker's Message

What is Reiki? Audio

Reiki Master Rose De Dan answers your questions about Reiki benefits for animals & people.

Two Dogs

A story of animal communication and compassion



The line we draw between animals that are socially acceptable and those we find repugnant can be awfully arbitrary. — Alexandra Harney

What is Reiki? Audio

Join Reiki Master Teacher Rose De Dan to hear fascinating stories and learn more about the benefits Reiki offers animals and people. …Continue reading

Reiki Level 1 Worldwide Teleclass Series

Reiki Energy Healing for Animals and People
Connect. Communicate. Heal.

Do you feel a special connection to animals?
Reiki will take it to the next level. …Continue reading

Reiki Level 2 Worldwide Teleclass

Rose De Dan and Goat Jake at New Moon Farm ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

Distance healing for people, animals and situations

Reiki Level 2 deepens your connection to the energy and awakens your ability to facilitate healing for a person, animal, place, or situation from anywhere in the world. The training also increases your ability to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing and offers an opportunity to increase the benefits of your own personal …Continue reading

Worldwide Wild Reiki Revue Telecalls

Rose De Dan and Puma ©

In olden days students of different grades were taught in a one-room school. Wild Reiki Revue Telecalls are the virtual version of the “Little Red Schoolhouse,” open to all levels of Reiki practitioners that have trained with Rose De Dan. …Continue reading

Animal ReikiShamanic 2018

Reiki for Jake the Goat ©Rose De Dan

Animal ReikiShamanic is a 13-week teleclass training series combining Reiki and shamanic healing for animals and is taught by animal Reiki shaman and animal communicator Rose De Dan. …Continue reading

Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master training is more like an apprenticeship and takes place over a period of time. Learning how to give an attunement is an important part of Master training as that is how students of Reiki are initiated. Usually one takes Reiki Master training with the intention of teaching Reiki classes, however I have also taught …Continue reading