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Animal ReikiShamanic 2019

Animal ReikiShamanic 2019

For this advanced training I teach students how I work with animals, combining Reiki and shamanic modalities with a dash of animal communication.

The intention of the class (with the assistance of spirit allies) is to empower each student with confidence and a strong foundation in energy healing for animals of all species.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 with Rose De Dan, plus Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur shamanic teleclass.

What you receive:

• 13 weekly 60-90 minute telecalls lay the foundation for combining Reiki and shamanic practices for working with animals, and are recorded for future reference.
• Videos with commentary and stories of real-life sessions with a variety of animal species at animal rescue/sanctuaries
• Personal mentoring on private Facebook group page
• Animal ReikiShamanic certificate suitable for framing after successful completion of assignments

Student commitment:

• Registration for this class means a commitment to all classes. Attendance and full participation in all the classes either live or via recording is required, as well as on private Facebook page.

• There are weekly assignments and practice in the form of case studies. The ability to video practice sessions is a requirement.

In order to offer each student the highest level of personal guidance this class is limited to six students.

What Students Say

“As I prepare for my work with animals and people, this class has given me tools that I will continue to use daily throughout my life.”

Taking classes with Rose has been a fantastic journey, and her Animal ReikiShamanic class was yet another game-changer for me. This class has not only furthered my spiritual growth, but it has strengthened my relationships with my personal allies, the animals I work with, and All Our Relations, more than I could have imagined. I have become so much more centered and aware of the natural world around me, both seen and unseen, and I have developed connections within myself and with others that I truly treasure.

Rose’s insights, wisdom and humor have been a wonderful guide through the journey of self-discovery and healing for myself and others. The animals I’ve had the privilege of working with have been some of my greatest teachers as well. I love that the shamanic techniques I have learned through this class are so practical, yet so powerful, and are a beneficial compliment to my Reiki training.

If you feel called to this work, Rose is an experienced, compassionate, and humble teacher who can help guide you on your journey. As I continue my personal work of peeling back the layers, and prepare for my work with animals and people, this class has given me tools that I will continue to use daily throughout my life.

Angelina Zepp, Maryland

“Highly recommend this course for those who want to further intensify their Animal Reiki practice.”

For those who have chosen to walk the path of Reiki Shamanic Healing for Animals, you could not be with a better guide & mentor than Rose De Dan.

For 13 weeks the ARS course (like Rose’s Reiki Master Teacher) takes you deeper into your spiritual practice, integrating it firmly with your Life as a whole. It unfolds at a pace that’s perfect for each participant & ensures you get serious practice in that time to build confidence for a variety of scenarios / cases, taking it up a notch every week. The format is very supportive & inclusive ~ our cohort of 6 was just what the Universe ordered for each of our individual development!

Rose has a gentle way with her tough love ~ weekly ‘Lifework’ is mandatory & she personally guides each one with any doubts /queries. Group lessons meant we all learnt from each other’s cases, which was of immense benefit for all.

Highly recommend this course for those who are committed to the walking the path, who want to further intensify their Animal Reiki practice. You’ll emerge on the other side the real person you are.

Tejas Oundhakar, Bahrain

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Will I get as much out of a telecall as an in-person training?
After 18 years of teaching in-person, I wondered the same thing myself, and what I found was that students can actually get more out of a teleclass since I can deliver information and guidance each week in digestible chunks rather than having to take in everything all at once. In addition you also have the recordings to refer to at any time.

FAQ: Are the telecalls seminars that we watch or is there interaction?
These are live telecalls where you have the option to listen on the phone or on the internet. There is time for questions, and there is also a private Forum on Facebook for further sharing and mentoring.

FAQ: How do I attend the calls and receive handouts?
When you register you will receive an email with instructions on how to attend the first call by phone or internet. Each week thereafter you will receive a reminder email with instructions for class the night before. After each call I also send an email with a link to the recording.

FAQ: What if I can’t be on the call live for one class date?
Each live class is recorded, and all students receive a link to the recording within 24 hours afterward.


Animal ReikiShamanic

Where: Worldwide
When: Thursdays, May 9 – August 1, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific (day/time may be changed so that all students may attend live)

Registration for this class means a commitment to all classes.

OPTION 1: Animal ReikiShamanic Single Pay Plan*
Choose one payment for all classes. Payment available with Visa, MC or PayPal (choose PayPal credit card option for payment with Amex or Discover). After you register you will receive confirmation by email.

Single Pay Plan: $1500

OPTION 2: Animal ReikiShamanic Weekly Payment Plan*
A weekly payment plan makes budgeting easier. After your 1st payment your credit card will be automatically billed* the same amount weekly for 12 additional weeks. Payment only available with Visa or MC. After you register you will receive confirmation by email.

Weekly Payment Plan: $120

*Cancellation policy: Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other class, product or offering by WRSH. All fees will be refunded if training is cancelled for any reason.
**Declined payments will result in a $25.00 late fee.

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