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Neckstrap Medicine Bags

Neckstrap Medicine Bags

These medicine bags are hand-crafted and can be used to protect and honor individual pendulums, crystals, carved fetishes, stones, jewelry or other natural medicines or allies (pendulum shown is only for demonstration of scale – it not included in purchase of bag).

Each bag is uniquely one-of-a-kind and is crafted from soft elk skin leather and measures approximately 3 1/4″ high and 2″ wide, and has a 36″ neckstrap for ease of wearing (cut down to create a small storage bag).

The color and texture of each hide will vary since elk hides are a product of nature—blemishes and scars are part of the natural character of the leather.

Medicine bags are available in your choice of colors.

Not available for shipment outside the U.S.

Natural Medicine Bag – $9.00

Saddle Medicine Bag – $9.00

Tobacco Brown Medicine Bag – $9.00

Dark Chocolate Brown Medicine Bag – $9.00

Black Medicine Bag – $9.00

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