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Palo Santo Wood Smudge Kit With Large Abalone Shell And Feather

Palo Santo Wood Smudge Kit with Large Abalone Shell and Feather

Intermediate smudge kit for home or ceremony comes with:

• two oz. Palo Santo Wood

• one large wild turkey feather (approx. 14″) for wafting the smoke

• one large abalone shell (4″-5″) to catch any ashes or hold smudge stick when finished

• booklet containing information on the Smudging Ceremony, and instructions on clearing a person or house of heavy energy (hucha in Peruvian shamanism).

I personally custom-bless each kit with Reiki and shamanic energy for highest and best good (unless you request otherwise).

Frequent smudging for clearing heavy energy is essential for the health of animals as well as people (see Animal Healing with Smudging).

Sweet Palo Santo wood, otherwise known as Holy Wood and Peruvian sage, has been used since ancient times as an incense for purifying and clearing or warding off of heavy energy or spirits, which is why it is frequently used in house blessings. It adds a wonderful sweet scent to the air that people love.

Acupuncturists, massage therapists, shamanic, Reiki and other energy practitioners often substitute palo santo wood for clearing energy before and after every healing session in place of the heavier, more lingering aroma of sage. Palo Santo can also have a calming/relaxing effect. Because of its sacredness it is frequently used in ceremonies as a spiritual offering.

May not be available for shipment outside the U.S.

Palo Santo Wood Smudge Kit with Abalone Shell and Feather: $24.99 (U.S.) — Add to Cart

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