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What is Reiki? Audio

Reiki Master Rose De Dan answers your questions about Reiki benefits for animals & people.

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A story of animal communication and compassion



"I could not have learned to listen to coyotes without having first learned to listen to my unwillingness to sell my hours, then to listen to the signals of my body, then to listen to the disease that has made my insides my home, and thus become a part of me. And I could not have learned to listen to coyotes without having talked to other people courageous enough to validate my perception of an animate world. I talked to the writer Christoper Manes, who said, 'For most cultures through history--including our own in preliterate times - the entire world used to speak. Anthropologists call this animism, the most pervasive worldview in human history. Animistic cultures listen to the natural world. For them, birds have something to say. So do worms, wolves, and waterfalls.'" —Derrick Jensen

What is Reiki? Audio

What natural healing modality do families and pet parents say is the best first aid kit available at your fingertips day or night, 24/7?

And why do I call it the gift that keeps on giving?

Maybe you’ve heard about Reiki in the news, from a family member or friend but don’t really know what it is. Or perhaps you’ve never heard of it before at all.

I am passionate about Reiki and its benefits for people and animals, and I love sharing my passion with others. Which is why I made this audio recording (available worldwide via phone or internet), to anyone who wants to know what Reiki is all about, or for those who would like to be more inspired in their Reiki practice.

In it I share stories from my 20+ years experience as a healer and Reiki Master Teacher and answer your questions about Reiki.

Rose De Dan and Goat Jake at New Moon Farm ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

Discover why practitioners say that they have become an animal magnet and how Reiki has changed their lives for the better.

Some topics covered will be:

• What Reiki is, and what it isn’t
• How it can help you with your health and life issues
• How it can help your animal companion
• How easy it is to learn

Reiki has become one of the most popular healing modalities worldwide. On national television in 2010, Dr. Oz increased Reiki’s visibility even further when he named Reiki his #1 Alternative Medicine Secret.

Besides benefits for family and personal use, today Reiki is also offered:
• in prestigious human hospitals across the U.S.
• to military veterans with PTSD
• in combination with massage and other bodywork practices
• in veterinary practices, animal rescue shelters and dog grooming salons

Join me to learn more about Reiki—the gift that keeps on giving.

Click here to listen.

A Wild Way to Heal

Rose De Dan and Puma ©www.reikishamanic.comRose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, artist and author. Having taught Reiki classes since 1996, Rose has amassed a wealth of past experiences, helpful examples, and stories that she loves to share. She views her mission as one of building bridges between people and animals through sessions, classes, ceremonies and events such as A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild.