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“Long ago people and animals had a relationship based on mutual trust and respect and indigenous people celebrated the sacredness and honored the spiritual connection with powerful ceremonies.

“Over time that understanding and connection has been mostly forgotten. And, in losing connection with the spirits of our animal relatives, we have also lost connection with our own.”

A Walk on the Wild Side
at Spirit Owl Ranch

Landmark event reunites domestic animals, native wildlife and people through ceremony.

A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild was created so people and animals could meet in ceremony with the intention of rebuilding the bridge between species.

Personal change has a ripple effect; when it takes place within sacred ceremony what we heal in ourselves helps create shifts worldwide.

Join animal shaman Rose De Dan of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing and shaman Charolette Anderson for a groundbreaking, collaborative two-day event at Spirit Owl Ranch in Oakville, WA.

The intention of the weekend is to break down barriers and build bridges of unity and connection, facilitating healing for all participants, both two- and four-legged.

The result? Increased awareness, connection, communication with all species, and release from limiting patterns and lifelong negative beliefs. A powerful opportunity for deep personal healing as well as global transformation!

To register, click here.

Spirit Owl Ranch

Located in Grays Harbor County, near the Chehalis Tribe Reservation and Davis Creek Wildlife Area, Spirit Owl Ranch is secluded, but not isolated.

A former homestead where cattle and goats were raised, Spirit Owl Ranch’s house and hand-hewn post and beam barn were built in 1920. In addition to the horses it shelters, the barn is also visited by a pair of barn owls—the ranch takes its name from their presence.

The land is a mix of old growth forest (oak, cedar, hemlock, maple, willow, alder), orchard (apple/pear/cherry/plum), garden, and meadow, and is traversed by lovely Williams Creek, tributary to the Chehalis River.

This beautiful 40-acre setting is home to owls, raptors, deer, elk, otter, fox, fish, coyote, bobcat, Pacific Northwest tree frogs, Mardon Skipper butterflies, non-threatening snakes, lizards and more…

With its unique history, domestic animal ambassadors, and accessibility to many forms of wildlife (including several endangered species), Spirit Owl Ranch is the perfect place to host an event bringing people and animals together.

The excitement of trees and messages through root systems, the breath of horses and spiritual equine energy, the dawn of the morning and prayers for the day, the cool evenings with owls and bats and birds all fed my soul. I returned home a new and different woman never to look back but always forging forward with a newfound energy of spirit.—attendee Destiny Sargeant, AK

Members of the newly arrived Spirit Owl Ranch Cat Tribe Meets the Neighbors.

Nothing develops our abilities or heals us as quickly as time spent with multi-species teachers in sacred ceremony.

A Walk on the Wild Side will feature shamanic journeys, nature walks and meditations, horse encounters (planned) and cat encounters (unplanned), and fire ceremonies. Each event is focused and customized according to the guidance of the animals and Spirit—every one is different.

Prior to the event Rose and Charolette will dialogue with the animals about our intentions and theirs, and will journey for guidance.

Once we are gathered as a group we will invoke sacred space in the shamanic tradition for the duration of the weekend. Opening sacred space makes it possible for Spirit to manifest strongly both for and through the animals, establishing stronger connections—and as they are ambassadors—with animals all over the world.

Our intention for being with the animals (seen and unseen) is threefold: to connect with them, to learn from them, and—as partners—to work together in healing and in ceremony.

With the support of spirit allies and in sacred space, we will weave together the energy from storytelling, shamanic journeys for guidance, meditations, visits with the horses (and maybe the cats), walks in nature, and possible encounters with wildlife.

We will bring that energy and information to fire ceremony with the intention of creating healing and support for All Our Relations, thereby assisting in creating positive shifts in our individual awareness as well as worldwide. The ultimate vision is the creation of a world where we all live in harmony.

During the event you will participate in a group setting as well as individual work in order to experience a more intimate connection with the land, the animals and yourself.

Event participants will enjoy:

  • encounters with the domestic animal ambassadors
  • guided shamanic journeys, nature meditations and walks
  • fire ceremony and individual despachos
  • time spent with like-minded people in community
  • membership in private Facebook group*
  • buffet-style lunches and dinner** prepared by local culinary artists

*Membership in our private Facebook page is a requirement for attendees.
**Any dietary restrictions should be noted at time of registration.

(Note: A Walk on the Wild Side is not a workshop or class. No certification in energy healing or animal communication is offered.)

To register, click here.

Travel Planning Information*

Some general information to assist you in your travel planning. Please note that we will be in ceremony until at least 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night. Should you need it, a list of local lodging* will be supplied after registration.

By Car: If driving from the Seattle area, travel time is approximately 2 hours

Nearest Airport: Sea-Tac is located approximately 1.5 hours away. It is suggested that you rent a car at the airport, and chose lodging closer to Spirit Owl Ranch.

*Lodging is NOT included in registration. Registration does not include any travel expenses incurred.

To register, click here.

Who We Are

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Rose De Dan is an animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic practitioner, author and artist based in Seattle, WA.

In 1996, while living in Worcester, Mass., she had a life-changing experience during a Reiki class and was gifted with a vision of a healing practice for animals. In pursuing that vision, Rose began to remember her childhood dreams and passion to help animals.

In the process of becoming an energy healer, animal shaman, and voice for the animals, Rose found her practice evolving into building bridges between people and domestic and wild animals. She has been bringing people and animals together in ceremony to co-create a sustainable future since 1998 through events such as A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild.

Spirit Owl Ranch

Charolette K. Anderson is a mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition, Reiki Level 2 and Healing Touch practitioner, and walks the path of the Divine Feminine. She believes that helping people and animals heal empowers all our relations and shifts how we as humans walk on Mother Earth.

In 1994, Charolette experienced a life-changing event which sparked her spiritual healing journey. An animal lover, it felt natural to apply the healing practices she learned to animals as well as people. Along the way, a dream developed—to own a piece of property, where she could have—and help—horses. Once she retired from her career in nursing, Charolette moved from Alaska back to Washington state, and now resides at Spirit Owl Ranch, with her husband, Vince, daughter Tabitha, granddaughter Vanessa, a mixed family of horses, cats, dog, chickens, and many wild animals. Dreams do come true.

Charolette is also an artist and enjoys drawing nature and animals with graphite, colored pencil and acrylic paints, and donates artwork to domestic animal rescues to help support their work.

Animal Ambassadors

Cowboy is a 13-year-old buckskin quarter horse stallion who reverted to wild after neglect and abuse. He regained his trust in people after intensive work by Vanessa, and now is an exceptionally well-mannered and sweet horse. He loves to knock over Monster energy drinks, and lap up as much as he can.

Dude is a 19-year-old stock paint, and is Tabitha’s soul horse. Dude’s mother died when he was only four months old, and for the next three years he was physically and mentally abused, and not well socialized. Confined to a stall, he used to growl at people and charge them. He was very close to being euthanized as a dangerous horse until Tabitha saw him for who he truly was and helped him release his trauma. Now he has good manners, and is playful—his favorite game is chase.

Dusty is a 15-year-old registered paint, and is Vanessa’s soul horse. He has been with her since she was a teenager, and they are strongly bonded. Dusty enjoys playing with Vanessa by tickling her, and removing hair bands and hats.

Dallen is a 13-year-old Tennessee Walker, who was re-homed because he was not getting enough attention where he was—he needed his own person. He is very charming, and cocks his head sideways and makes big eyes at you for a treat or a kiss. He is Charolette’s companion.

Reuger is a four-year-old half thoroughbred/half quarter horse. His mom was a slaughterhouse rescue, and the rescuer did not know that his mom had a passenger at the time. As an adult he was skin and bones when Vanessa brought him home. Intended as a jumper, it was discovered that Reuger had a leg deformity which eliminated that possibility. He’s already made friends with Dude. A teenager, he is still learning good boundaries.

Soup Kitchen is an 11-year-old former racehorse, retired due to injury, and the son of Alphabet Soup (a track winner). When Soup was rescued, he had been abused, was underweight, and stressed out. Now regaining weight, he is a gentle soul, very mellow and laid back. He loves kisses, and twiddling and playing with blankets, buckets, tack, and ties on shirts and hoodies.

Garfield is a nine-year-old purebred Maine Coon, brother to Bella. He raised Angus from a kitten. Garfield’s favorite perch is a suitcase, and when he’s on catnip he turbocharges through the house—all 21 lbs. of him.

Bella is sister to Garfield. Originally Tabitha only intended adopting Garfield, but the breeder insisted on a two-for-one. Bella raised Tinker from a kitten, likes following frogs, and is the grand dame who keeps them all in line.

Angus rescued himself as a kitten from a Flea Market in Arkansas by climbing on Tabitha’s shoulders. Now six years-old, he is still Tabitha’s shadow, except for when she goes to the barn. He is (needlessly) scared of dog Bernie, and will sit and meow in driveway until she returns. He calls to her so she doesn’t get eaten up by monsters.

Bernie is the only dog in a sea of cats. Six years-old, he is half dingo/half blue heeler. He wants to herd the horses, and they take exception to the fact. Loves cleaning up leftover horse feed, but it doesn’t agree with him. A guard dog where he grew up, now he helps out with temperament testing at the vet clinic where Vanessa works. Loves attention and cats, does not like toys except for one squeaky mouse.

Tinker, now six years-old, was rescued by Tabitha, who heard bloodcurdling screams coming from under her trailer. A feisty little kitten about 2-3 weeks old, she swiped at her rescuer, and snarled. Tabitha got her healthy, and tried to find her a home (we all know how that ended). Tinker got her name because she would drag boots out and walk them across the floor—she was a klepto kitty—always tinkering with things and moving them around the house. She loves to make friends with deer, hunt mice, and observe the farrier.

Mercedes, now 11, was a 14-week-old semi-feral barn kitten when Tabitha drafted her into becoming company on the road for her work as a long haul trucker. But Mercedes yearned for a quieter, indoor-only lifestyle, fell in love with Vince, and moved in. Besides him, Mercedes’ passion is playing with rubber bands—she leaves them in the water bowl, bed, and food dish.

Little Man is 11 years-old, and loved traveling with Tabitha. He would cry when she left the truck, so she took the harness off the dog and put it on him. Now he, too, has adopted Charolette and Vince. He loves to cuddle, purrs like a freight train, and is especially fond of a catnip cigar which he lays on his upturned tummy to make sure it doesn’t get away.

Isis (Grey) was a one-year-old semi-feral cat when she claimed Vanessa. At the time Vanessa was selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, and Isis would not let her leave. Isis got off to a rocky start with Freya when she arrived, but eventually she warmed up, and began mothering her. Now they are inseparable. An indoor-only cat, she loves strings and catnip mice, pen-like objects. Sleeps on Vanessa’s chest, or sleeps in her arms like a teddy bear, and she drools when she’s happy.

Freya (Seal Point) came from a litter of kittens that Vanessa’s fiance’s (Beau) father’s cat gave birth to. Despite being chosen by Vanessa, she is Beau’s cat. When he is home, Freya only has eyes for him. When Beau leaves, Freya cries. The only way she can be consoled is for Vanessa to rock her in her arms. Also indoor-only, Freya is obsessed with a blue shoelace, which she carries around the house.

The Chickens: two flocks of mixed-breed hens and roosters—standard-sized and smaller bantams. See video The Chickens Greet the Day.

When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.

—Chief Sealth (Seattle), Suquamish


A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild

Note: Adults only, no one under the age of 18, please

Where: Spirit Owl Ranch, Oakville, WA
When: October 5-6, 2019
Time: begins 9:30 a.m. Saturday, ends 4:30 p.m., Sunday
Cost: $450

Space is very limited, so act now to secure your spot.
Deadline for registration is September 15.

Payment does not include travel to and from the event, or lodging. After you register you will receive confirmation by email, and link to a private page with lodging suggestions, directions, and instructions. If you do not see an email, please check your spam folder as overzealous filters can easily lead legitimate email astray.

If event fills send an email to be placed on wait list in case of cancellation. Questions? Send us an email.

*Cancellation policy: Cancellation by September 1, 2019 will result in all monies refunded minus a $75 cancellation fee. Registration is non-transferable to any other classes, events or products offered by WRSH. All fees will be refunded in full if the event is cancelled for any reason.

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