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Smudging Kits

3 Mini White Sage Smudge Bundles

3 Mini White Sage Smudge Bundles

Smudging is a time-honored method of clearing hucha (heavy energy) trapped in a person’s energy field, living or office space, or hotel room. White sage is considered the most potent…

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Palo Santo Wood Incense

Palo Santo Wood Incense

The healing or spiritual powers of sweet Palo Santo wood, otherwise known as Holy Wood and Peruvian sage, has been called upon since ancient times by South American medicine people.…

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White Sage Smudge Kit With Large Abalone Shell And Feather

White Sage Smudge Kit with Large Abalone Shell and Feather

Intermediate smudge kit for home or ceremony comes with: • three mini White Sage Smudge Bundles • one large wild turkey feather (approx. 14") for wafting the smoke • one large abalone shell (4"-5") to catch any ashes or hold smudge stick when finished • booklet containing information on the Smudging Ceremony, and instructions on clearing an individual or home of heavy energy (hucha in Peruvian shamanism).
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All living beings love Reiki

There’s never been a better time to learn Reiki or refresh your Reiki skills!

Learn how to offer healing energy for:
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