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Vi Miere Essence Mists

Essences for Animals and People

Vi Miere mists incorporate custom-blended crystal, mineral, nature and flower essences for animals and people. I carry this line in my healing practice because I have found them to be effective, affordable, fragrance free, and so easy to use. Simply mist above your head, or in the air above your animal, and begin enjoying the benefits immediately. You may use up to six mists on a daily basis.

Vi Miere mists are beneficial for:

  • enhancing balance, inner peace, and relaxation
  • helping relieve pain, anxiety and stress
  • aiding in promoting healing
  • assisting in resolving behavioral issues
  • enhancing your spiritual growth and practice

The following are a few examples of mists that you may want to keep on hand for you or your animal companion:

Aging pet? Recovering from surgery or injuries?
Give the healing process a boost with Pain Ease.

Are you, your child or dog stressed out when you’re apart?
Separation Ease may be the answer.

New baby or new animal joining the household?
Family mist may make the introductions easier and the transition smoother.

Do you, your dog or cat have achy joints in the morning?
Check out Arthritis Ease.

“I recently bought Arthritis Ease thinking anything is welcome to help me with this pain! I honestly didn’t think that a spray would help, but I faithfully sprayed 4x a day….and then, a few weeks later, I realized that my swelling was down, my pain was way down, and my nagging arthritis in my hand was not interfering with day to day tasks! This small bottle has made a huge difference by decreasing my daily arthritis ache! Thank you, Arthritis Ease!”—Loretta Ryan, WA

Muscles hurt after exercise or dog park?
Give Muscle Ease a try.

Fearful of thunderstorms, firecrackers, flying?
Panic Relief or Core Issues may be the answer.

Not sure which one to choose?
Send an email for a personal consultation.

International Orders: We ship to most countries, but import laws may vary. Your country may be the exception, and if so, we will contact you. Buyer is responsible for any customs taxes.

Payment: Payment available through Visa, MC, and PayPal (use PayPal credit card option if paying with Amex or Discover).


Abundance – Spray for what you want more of i.e. friends, sunny days, romance, money, commercial business, and more.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Arthritis Ease – Alleviates symptoms of arthritis.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Assimilation – Assimilates nourishment on all levels.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Athlete – Dissipates pain, enhances athletic ability. This mist is designed for athletes (human or animal) to help take the edge off any pain, yet keeps the body intact for competition. This aids the body in recovering after performance as well.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Beauty in Life – Helps one to look beyond the surface to find beauty where one hasn’t looked.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Boundaries – Helps set and maintain personal boundaries with ourselves and others.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Cellular Tonification – Supports cellular health and protection.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Digestion Ease – Digest meals and life with ease. Assists physical digestion and emotional digestion in everyday life. Use before meals, especially when going to fast food places.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Divine Spine – Helps bring comfort and support to one’s spine and its innate ability for self-correcting.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Family – Promotes harmony and supports change within the home (more info).
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Forgiving – Assists in forgiving and letting go, allowing us to live our fullest expression.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Gratitude – Opens the heart allowing gratitude to flow out to the universe.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Ground – Provides a stabilizing, grounding effect in the body.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Muscle Ease – Brings comfort to tired, stiff, sore, aching muscles.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Nurture – Cultivates compassion and nurtures the soul. It is like getting an emotional hug. This can be used when dealing with the loss of a loved one or if you’re just having “one-of-those-days.”
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Pain Ease – Encourages healing physically, as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Most healing takes place when the body is resting.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart
$36.95 2 oz Add to Cart

Panic Relief – Assists in relieving emotional distress, fear and panic.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Protection – Keeps one’s energy field clear from absorbing unwanted energy from others.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Romance – Encourages attraction and spices up romance.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Submissive Ease – Balances a sense of one’s place in the world.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Trust – Dissipates feelings of betrayal and mistrust.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Uplift – Promotes joyous relaxation.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Whiplash Relief – Helps release inflammation, muscle tension, and trauma.
$19.95 1 oz Add to Cart

Wholeness – Opens conscious levels to all of the abundance of the universe. Assists in attracting wealth in one’s life by creating a new relationship with money as energy. It accentuates living the “good” life everyday.
SALE $16.95 1 oz Add to Cart


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