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Cat Cougar Looks At Junco Receiving Reiki

Reiki is for the Birds

This morning as I was working at my computer I heard a muffled bang. Turning I saw that a junco had hit the glass storm door, and was lying on my doorstep. She had one wing half outstretched and I feared that it might be broken. I sensed that she was very dazed from the impact, and made the decision to offer her Reiki energy healing from a distance rather than going out and picking her up.
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Paw Reiki

It is always a delight to teach Reiki, and the best perk is all the great stories that my students share about their experiences. This story features Tank the cat and his person, Jan.
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Animals Love Reiki at Mud Bay

On October 12, I offered a Reiki demonstration for animals at Mud Bay in West Seattle. I had a wonderful time with all the people and their dog and cat companions. The energy was flowing, and all the animals went from nervous (or highly energized in the case of two puppies) to calm and relaxed. It is hard to pick a favorite since they were all such good Reiki recipients.
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