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Squirrel Scurry Breakfast At The Wild Rose Cafe

Squirrel Scurry Breakfast at the Wild Rose Cafe

I serve breakfast at the Wild Rose Café (aka my home office) while my cats are eating theirs. Today, I was running late, so crow friends Rogue and Milady were not waiting in their usual spot on the cable lines where they can watch my preparations in the kitchen.

In addition to the daily serving of nuts for all my wild neighbors, I had some leftover roast chicken for the crows. The chicken needed to be carefully prepared so that there were no bones and divided into portions of crispy skin (otherwise Rogue hogs all the tasty skin for himself—he is no gentleman to share with his mate). I stepped outside and blew the crow caller three times to alert my crow family that breakfast would soon be served (see squirrels respond).

To my amazement, squirrels started coming from everywhere. There were four when I went back in the house to gather everything up to serve, six when I began serving, and at least eight two minutes later. Apparently, the squirrels had learned to speak a little bit of crow language. They now knew that the crow call was a signal that the Wild Rose Café was open for business!

Squirrels are solitary creatures, so it is rare to see so many together at one time. A gathering of squirrels is called a scurry, but it is not an occasion for relaxation. Although everyone is dining together, they are eating as quickly as possible and the tails arched over their backs indicate a state of unease and a warning to others to not get too close.

There was motion as squirrels changed dining position, but something alarmed the group and that is when I laughed because it was literally a “scurry” of squirrels heading in all different directions. Two sought refuge on the telephone pole. While the feeding area was open, Stellar Jay saw his opportunity and dove in for a few mouthfuls. The squirrels don’t leave much behind for others, which is why they are all looking so plump and sassy.

My cat Manitou watched all of this outside from the sidelines, while Night Sky enjoyed his squirrel TV from the inside cat post.

Enrichment for all!

Enjoy the slideshow.

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