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Spring Firsts At Spirit Owl Ranch

Spring Firsts at Spirit Owl Ranch

Charolette and her family purchased Spirit Owl Ranch in May 2018 as their home and haven for rescue horses. There is a lot of work to do, since the property had been vacant for several years.

We are holding the very first A Walk on the Wild Side at Spirit Owl Ranch this July, and thought it would be fun to share updates as the land awakens, and the animals go about their lives and preparations for their work as animal ambassadors for the upcoming ceremonies. This is the latest update, enjoy!


Spirit Owl Ranch
by Charolette Anderson

We had a lot of Spring “first times” at the Ranch earlier this week.

Spring First Time #1
We let the young chickens out of their coop to explore for the first time ever on Tuesday. They were so funny—they follow Tabitha everywhere because she gives them worms. As you will see in the video Bully is so close to what Tabitha is doing that in his efforts to help with worm digging he is actually in the way. The chickens also discovered dust bath time. What a riot!


Spring First Time #2
The back pasture is finally done and tagged so the deer do not run into/through it. So the horses are now able to munch on the lush spring grass. There was a lot of running and kicking, bucking and chasing going on.

Spring First Time #3
The mud is drying up and the sun has been out, and the horses are enjoying soaking it up. Dallen was standing by the chicken pen, sun bathing, and fell asleep on his feet. Hysterical.

And talk about funny! Dusty was out in the pasture with Dude, lying on his side in the sunshine taking a nap. He is actually smiling in his sleep. Sweet and funny—all at the same time.

Dude likes his Uncle Jimmy Licky Thing, it keeps him busy when he is bored—it contains sweetened grain and other tasty bits. It hangs at the opening to his stall, which is perfect for the birds nesting just above his stall door. They like to snack on it, too!

When Dude was living in Juneau, he had bird nests just above his manger. When one baby bird’s first flight was unsuccessful, he protected it. It was so sweet, unless you were the one who had to deal with the 900 lb. horse who was protectively standing over the tiny bird with his ears laid back and teeth bared, telling you not to hurt the little baby. Took Tabitha a bit to get the baby back to its nest, all safe and sound.

Until next time!


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