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March/April Updates From Spirit Owl Ranch

March/April Updates from Spirit Owl Ranch

You may have seen the announcement that Charolette Anderson and I will be hosting A Walk on the Wild Side at Spirit Owl Ranch this July for the very first time.

Charolette and her family purchased the Ranch in May 2018 as their home and haven for rescue horses. There is a lot of work to do since the property had been vacant for several years.

We thought it would be fun to share updates as the land awakens, and the animals go about their lives and preparations for their work as animal ambassadors for the upcoming ceremonies.


Spirit Owl Ranch
by Charolette Anderson

Spring has sprung at Spirit Owl Ranch.

The Daffodils, Trillium and Pussy Willow are blooming everywhere. I am still trying to get a handle on what we have growing on the ranch. The previous owners had lots planted but it had major overgrowth by the time we arrived, so spring is presenting lots of wonderful surprises.

The birdhouses are getting busy with nesting birds, and the chicks have grown enough to be put outside in the chicken coop with heat lamps.

Prep in the greenhouse has already started. Potatoes are sprouting, and the asparagus is ready to go in.

Spirit Owl Ranch
by Charolette Anderson

Spring cleaning around the ranch has started. Build up around the barn over the winter is being scraped away.

Tabitha plays Tetris with her stall mats on a daily basis. Dude tends to eat dirt so the mats help deter dirt munching, and he also plays with them when he is bored. She also played body builder tossing seven 40 lb. bags of bedding to set up Dude’s stall again. Clean barn smells wonderful.

Vince is still working on the new tack room. We get an abundance of mice in the tack room over the winter and the start of spring. When the babies are born in the spring it makes it hard to keep our tack safe.

Yesterday, the girls found a nest between my new saddle pad and Vanessa’s bare back pad. Vanessa accidentally found the three baby mice in the nest by picking up the pad. Unfortunately, the nest of babies went flying.

Of course, the girls were upset because the babies were tiny, no hair, eyes were not open yet, and no longer than the first knuckle of your thumb. So, the first thing that came to mind was mom/grandma fixes everything and they brought them to me.

So sweet! What to do with them? So we found a shoe box, and put some old, smells-like-barn towels in with them, including some of their nesting fluffies, and put it on the floor under the saddles.

Mom came and got the babies, and took them to a different nest, thank goodness. All’s well that ends well. Sorry, did not think to get pictures. They were so tiny and so sweet, just wanted to get them back to Mama.

Spirit Owl Ranch
by Charolette Anderson

Each morning we let the chickens out, and sometimes Tabitha will find them some worms. Bully is making sure he gets first pickings (he’s the one in the worm can with his butt in the air). Chickens are funny.

As I shared last time, many plants that are coming up all over the Ranch are a surprise. I was hoping readers could help me identify some of them. This one is very large beside a path going down to the barn. Beautiful flowers that smell wonderful. Can anyone identify the bush?

Rose: Some folks offer goat yoga, but for A Walk on the Wild Side at Spirit Owl Ranch we’ll have the opportunity to experience a shamanic journey with the chickens! It is fun to witness them as they grow feathers and expand their personalities.

Spirit Owl Ranch
by Charolette Anderson

The deer from last year’s babies, which normally hang out above the house in the mornings and evenings while we are doing our nightly horse care, are munching away on new growth. They are a year old now, and shedding their winter coats. This time they were munching on the neighbor’s newly mowed lawn.

The back pasture is turning green again and the electric fencing is being put back up so the horses can start on pasture grass for the growing season.

Lots of work goes into preparing a pasture for the horses. Checking all the fences (or putting them back up), getting the solar box back out (helps if it produces electricity), and the ground can’t be too wet or the grass won’t grow from being trampled on by the horses, which defeats the purpose.

We have Rhubarb! Love the way things are popping up and being discovered. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! Yum!

Thanks to everyone who helped us identify the beautifully blooming mystery bush as Quince!

Until next time!

Rose: So fun to see the young deer who were featured in my blog post Cat Tribe Meets the Neighbors are all grown up! Perhaps they will be some of the wildlife animal ambassadors that show up for A Walk on the Wild Side at Spirit Owl Ranch.


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