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Answering the Call of the Wild, Part 2

This post was originally written in 2009 and appeared on my old website as the second of three articles. It feels like the time is right to publish them again.

In Part 1 of this series I experienced a strong connection with an old wolf at the Woodland Park Zoo. It felt like there was something he was trying to communicate to me—what was he trying to say?

As I pondered that question for the next several weeks, memories of my few encounters over the years with wolves began to surface.

Two Wolves, ©Rose De Dan www.ReikiShamanic.comTWO WOLVES

Many years prior to becoming a professional energy worker/animal communicator, I attended an outdoor event in Massachusetts that offered an opportunity to have your picture taken with a captive wild animal. I didn’t know any better back then, thankfully it is now illegal in Massachusetts to exhibit animals in this fashion—most are not treated well.

That particular year I decided to have my picture taken with the wolves. I had the choice of having either one or two wolves in the photo with me. With an eye on my budget, I chose to be photographed with only one—but the wolves had other ideas.

I sat down, and the man placed one young wolf in my lap. The wolf filled my arms, and was very happy to see me, wriggling with joy and licking me—clearly he had been raised with humans from birth. Seeing the joy and love that I was being showered with, and was returning, and not wanting to miss out, the other wolf leapt the barrier to join in. We ended up being photographed as a trio—by choice of the wolves. For that reason it is one of my favorite memories.


The next memory to surface was a visit to a wolf sanctuary. I happened to know someone who worked there as a volunteer, and she had kindly offered to take me behind the scenes so that I could meet some of the wolves who were not available to the general public.

I learned quite a bit during that visit. Many of the wolves had been taken from or surrendered by people who wanted the thrill of owning a wild animal, but who had no idea of how to properly care for them. Abuse and neglect is frequently the result, and the animals are usually in poor condition when rescued. Since they are captive born there is no hope of their being released into the wild—they simply would not survive.

As we walked around most of the wolves hung back a bit, and some outright hid. But then we reached the enclosure of white wolf Chrissy. Sixteen years old, Chrissy moved stiffly and her coat was dry and coarse, but her eyes sparkled with life and laughed with delight to see us. She whined her happiness and poured her body into the chain link fence that separated us, asking us to pet her.

Gingerly I reached my fingers through to brush her fur lightly, but she was having none of that! She dug her body into my hand, moving her body so that my hand moved from one location to another. I sensed her rising eagerness as she discovered that I had access to Reiki, and she began to pull on the energy which began to flow in response to her hurting joints. Chrissy’s dance and movements became one long begging flow—it felt as though Reiki could not get through fast enough, and the more she received the happier she became.

Since her need and desire seemed so great, I decided it might be beneficial to offer some deeper shamanic clearing for her, so I reached for my mesa and began to unwrap my healing stones. At the first taste of the shamanic energy in the air Chrissy became even more excited, and her whining reached a new level of intensity.

I chose one healing stone from the mesa, and holding it in my hand I brought it near the chain link fence. My intention was to sweep the mesa stone over her body to help clear any stuck energy. At the exact moment my hand holding the stone was closest Chrissy deliberately charged the fence, and the impact pushed the chain link outward into my hand, and the Stone Person went flying.

In the gathering dusk I could not see where the Stone Person landed, but Chrissy knew, and she began to furiously trying to dig her way to it. As I frantically searched on my hands and knees in the somewhat tall grass on my side of the fence, I was inches away from the large wolf on the other side who was equally frantically trying to recover the very same stone for herself!

It was a race, and I was torn between concern that Chrissy might hurt herself, and fear that I would be the first person ever in shamanic training to lose a mesa stone in the dark to a wolf. Not once during the entire time did I feel fear for myself. It was not me Chrissy wanted, it was the energy of that shamanic healing stone, although I do believe she might have run over me to get it!

With a sigh of relief I finally located the healing stone, and immediately repacked it into my mesa, closing down the energy so that Chrissy could calm down. All of that exertion could not be good for a great-grandma wolf!

Chrissy lived to the very ripe old age of eighteen and was laid to rest at the sanctuary that had been her home for most of her life. I will always remember her zest for life and for the energy. I trust that she is happy roaming in spirit, and perhaps she now has her very own set of healing stones!

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