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Who’s Your Stone Buddy? Audio

Who’s Your Stone Buddy? Audio

Getting to Know Your Pendulum the Shamanic Way

In shamanism there are three major realms of allies, the Stone People, Plant People, and Animal People. The oldest teachers are the Stone People, most closely connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Many pendulums are created from beautiful stones, but do you know why yours has come into your life? What does that particular Stone Person have to teach you? Is it with you for your personal Reiki or shamanic healing and/or has it shown up to assist in healing others?

This 90-minute pendulum audio class focuses on answering these questions and on learning how to receive greater intuitive guidance from your pendulum or any of the other Stone People. It is not a training in how to use a pendulum (although tips will be offered). Rather, it is designed to assist you in getting to know the Stone and Animal People incorporated in your personal pendulum so that you can learn to listen and work with them as trusted friends and allies.

Purchase of an Animal Totem Pendulum from our store is not required for participation. If you do not have a pendulum or stone you may use the journey to obtain guidance on the Stone Person that is waiting to meet you.

For greater ease of listening and future reference, the recordings are offered in four sections making it easy to listen to the shamanic journey as needed with an existing or a new Stone Buddy.

SECTION 1: Introduction and Lecture
SECTION 2: Shamanic journey to meet your Stone Buddy
SECTION 4: Exercise, Questions, Guidance for Care and Summary

Recorded class is available in two formats (supplied with your order confirmation): MP3 digital download for any of your devices that support digital audio and/or links to listen online.


Where: Worldwide via digital audio (mp3) or online at your convenience.

To Register: Payment available by Visa, MC, and PayPal (use PayPal credit card option if paying with Visa or Discover). Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other class, product or offering by WRSH. After payment you will be sent an email confirmation with your choice of links to download or listen online.

Who’s Your Stone Buddy?

Fee: $7.00

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