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Mini Palo Santo Smudge Kit With Travel Case

Mini Palo Santo Smudge Kit with Travel Case

This compact smudge kit is perfect for travel and makes a great gift!


• One oz. Palo Santo Wood

• One small wild turkey feather (approx. 6″) for sweeping the smoke

• One mini red abalone shell (farm raised) to catch any ashes or hold smudge stick when finished

• Zippered and lined travel case with carrying strap handwoven in Peru from a mixture of llama and/or alpaca/sheep wool. Each case is approx. 7-8″ long, and 2″ in diameter. Sizes and designs vary, let us pick one for you shamanically.

• Small booklet containing information on the Smudging Ceremony, and instructions on clearing a person or house of heavy energy (hucha in Peruvian shamanism).

May not be available for shipment outside the U.S.

Mini Palo Santo Smudge Kit with Travel Case: $28.99 (U.S.) — Add to Cart

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