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The Penthouse Suite

My attic now smells like moth balls. No, we don’t have a moth infestation, we have squirrels. Squirrels, I might add, that may enjoy talk radio. Wonder what they’ll think of Rush Limbaugh?

If this all sounds a little squirrelly, let me explain that squirrel experts swear that plugging the entrance holes with steel wool, filling the air with the pungent reek of moth balls, and playing a radio that makes it sound like the space is occupied with people is guaranteed to keep the little tykes outside where they belong. We’ll see, previous attempts to plug the holes did not work.

The little nippers have been keeping me entertained at 4:30 in the morning (apparently their hyperactive natures don’t let them sleep in), using the entire attic space for early morning races and calisthenics.

When I originally complained to my landlord, he actually seriously asked me, “Have you tried asking them to leave?” I had two responses to that question, one was the thought, “How nice that he supports what I do as an animal communicator,” and the second went something like, “Squirrels may like nuts, but they are not crazy. Why would they exchange their penthouse suite with partying room for 100 of their best buddies for a drafty nest made of twigs and leaves?”

I am very glad that my landlord is animal-friendly and environmentally conscious. He actually bought a squirrel box and had it installed in hopes that they would move out of the attic. However, next to the penthouse suite it looks like squirrel shantytown, and they were not tempted. Instead the mama squirrel gave birth in the attic to triplets this past spring, so we had to wait until they were raised.

Summer came, and they moved out; too hot. It appeared that they were using the more air-conditioned squirrel box, so I had hopes, but nope, come cooler fall weather they moved back in. At least two did, I think. Two that sound like they have lead feet early in the morning.

And just as I was trying to think positive thoughts, that maybe all of this might work, someone sent me a link to a video that displays the James Bond capabilities of a squirrel to perfection. Check out Squirrel Obstacle Course. I sincerely hope ours are not as smart as the ones in this video!

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