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West Seattle Healer in City Dog Magazine

EWorldwire Press Release, June 2007

Alternative energy healer, Rose De Dan, is one of the featured animal practitioners in an article titled “Holistic Healing” on page 38 of the Summer edition of City Dog Magazine.

Author Debra Daniels-Zeller investigates the use of holistic healing techniques in the Seattle area. Beginning with homeopathy, she explores a variety of disciplines including homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, crystal essence, and gold bead therapy. The author then pursues a detailed discussion with De Dan about the use of Reiki as a means of healing and restoring energy balance to pets.

Mindful that the reader may not understand how Reiki is effective for pets, De Dan explains that Reiki releases blocked energy and returns the balance to the pet “mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki is a healing life energy,” she continued, “and the practitioner is the channel through which it passes into the client.”

Daniels-Zeller then interviews one of De Dan’s clients who report his satisfaction with the combination of regular and urgent vet care combined with the use of Reiki to facilitate the animal’s return to health. Like most Westerners schooled in the techniques of standard veterinary care, Daniels-Zeller states her doubts about the effectiveness of Reiki. She observes a session with De Dan and Badger, her own 10-year old basset hound.

Normally a fearful and nervous dog, Badger hesitantly enters De Dan’s healing space. Once inside, however, the dog immediately settles down on the mat and allows De Dan to move her hands over his relaxed body. At the end of the session, “Badger is content and looks satisfied,” Daniels-Zeller reports. “I can’t explain it, “she says.

After the session, De Dan further explained Badger’s now calm demeanor. “We bring our issues home to our animals,” she explained. “We share the same emotional space, Reiki facilitates rebalancing,” she said.

City Dog Magazine is distributed from Seattle to San Francisco and is available at many locations in the Seattle and Washington area including Barnes and Noble, Mud Bay, Next to Nature and Pet Elements. De Dan hosts an interactive website that discusses Reiki and Shamanic Healing at Her contact number is 206-933-7877.

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