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"The wolf is neither man's competitor nor his enemy. He is a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared." — L. David Mech

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Welcome to our testimonials page! If you have a Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing class or workshop experience you’d like to share, please send an email and don’t forget to include your name and location. Thank you!

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“”I am forever changed. My eyes see all life differently.”

In my heart, I wanted to experience a closeness with nature. I wanted to be able to communicate, help heal, and be friends with the natural world. Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur Teleclass was an intense 8-week experience to communicate and understand the natural world and our domestic pets. Rose helped us to see how to respect, care and develop a relationship with All Our Relations.

If you feel with nature, you kind of already have the idea that birds, snakes, plants, trees, all animals, water, earth, and air are alive. What is missing is that intimacy that shamanism brings, the experience of the oneness. This series of classes offered that.

Rose asked me what one thing I had to share at the end of the training. My response was: I am forever changed. My eyes see all life differently. I know when I look out there life is looking back at me with love. Life is talking to me. I just have to be respectful and listen. It is not an understanding in the mind, it is experienced and in your soul. And in the last guided journey, my relations told me to continue with my shamanic ways. They are forever grateful to Rose and love the new addition (me) in their community.

I am so very thankful to Rose, Windwalker and All My Relations who helped create this series of classes.

—Victoria Shields, New Jersey from Bones, Stones, Feathers and Fur Teleclass

“The work we did this weekend has changed my relationships with all beings, but especially with my husband and my animals. I see the world more clearly and feel that my words are being heard and respected by those I love.”

Thank you so much for the wonderful program this weekend. It has really been the most transformative thing I have ever done for myself.

I have been amazed in the past few days how much the work we did this weekend has changed my relationships with all the beings I interact with but especially with my husband and my animals.

I never can sleep with my cats because the two young boys bounce on my head at 2am. Sunday night I left the door open and just went to bed with the intention of holding my space and that they would respect that and guess what, no cats waking me up. I woke up to them peacefully sitting close to me but not invading the bubble.

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This morning a stranger stopped me when I was walking our dog Ali to let me know that we were walking in perfect stride with each other. He said to me that he sometimes sees this when a person and dog have been walking together for a long time and are very close. I had to smile because I did feel like me and Ali were having a great connection but I have only lived with Ali for two months and before that she was a street dog in Taiwan.

Since this weekend I feel like I can just gently but with strong intention tell her what I want and she happily partners with me to do it whether it is following me up the stairs (which she would not do before without a leash), backing away from the door, or calmly walking by my side on walks. She seems more comfortable in her body now that I am in mine.

My husband and I have a lot of conflict. One pattern we get into is that he gets his feeling hurt or gets angry and then I take that on, it triggers me and we both end up frustrated and angry. After this weekend I not only can hold my own space and feel his emotions and not let them mingle with mine, but I also feel like I can clearly see our patterns and not get caught in them.

I just concentrate on holding my own space and taking deep breaths and feeling grounded and not only do I feel safe and at peace but my husband also calms down and we are able to connect and hear each other instead of both going away scared and angry. This is something we have both spent 7 years with individual counselors and couples counseling trying to do, so no small feat.

I feel like I suddenly have a new power to see the world much clearer and that my words are being heard and respected by those I love.

I’m excited to take this out into the world beyond my family as well and see where it goes.

So thank you, thank you!

—Lena McCullough, DVM, CVA, Seattle, WA from Animals As Healers and Teachers

“Seeing how the animals responded to the energy of the evening was a delight.”

I am so glad I was a part of the zoo event. Seeing how the animals responded to the energy of the evening was a delight. I especially enjoyed the penguins. I felt their joy as they rolled over to expose their bellies when we offered them Reiki, repeating this again and again. The snow leopard encounter was amazing, both the pelt and the animal.

There was a sense of contentment and calmness in the air at the fire ceremony. I felt gratitude because I know our presence this weekend made a difference for the animals. That’s what it’s all about!

—Debbie Noyes, Bellevue, WA from Evening Walk on the Wild Side at WP Zoo

“The zoo evening was indescribably magical.”

The zoo evening was indescribably magical. With only adults, animals, and quiet darkness under the bright full moon, I felt an ability to connect with the animals in ways I had never experienced before. Before we even left the first building, handling the snow leopard pelt was very profound for me – ordinarily, I am so horrified and agonized at the extinctions we are causing, I could scarcely stay in the room with those pelts. But since Rose invoked Sacred Space, Spirit was able to give me a completely different experience.

The snow leopard pelt was fluffy soft (except for that massive bushy tail!), and when the center of the pelt began to radiate heat (which everyone seemed able to feel, not just the energy workers), and the paws as well (animals have chakras in their paws), I felt something powerful happening. I pulled the snow leopard’s head over my own and wrapped myself in the pelt, asking to connect and be blessed with the medicine of snow leopard (to know what it feels like to be snow leopard and to be gifted with its powers/gifts). I closed my eyes, and tremendous heat began to build inside the pelt and inside me. There are no words to describe the experience – we lack the vocabulary. But something happened, a feeling of… presence, strong pure presence, with total focus, sans human confusion or inner conflict, just total centered clarity of inner being, clarity like the silver brilliance of the full moon above us. For a moment, I was snow leopard, resting atop a mountain looking out over the snow. I needed nothing, I was fully present, fully my leopard self, and it was enough… well, as I said, that isn’t describable. It has to be experienced.

The gift of that medicine, that energy – is not just good for snow-topped mountains. If for no other reason than self-interest, humans need to reestablish our conscious connection to animals more than ever in our stressful, complicated, mechanized, and confusing civilization. I certainly needed it. I guess the biggest realization of all is that despite our driving them to near extinction hunting them for sport or for pelts, destroying their territory, they are still willing to help us with their medicine. That’s unconditional love on a scale most humans can’t even approach, and I can only honor it in awe.

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When we went to the enclosure of the live snow leopards we could not see them, but with vision six times greater than our own in the dark, they could see us. I directed my red flashlight’s beam up the hill to reveal that there indeed was the snow leopard, watching us. His great red eyes bored into mine, unblinking and seemingly endlessly. It felt personal. More than visceral, that energetic connection was deep.

That night, I dreamed there was a large cat in my front yard – it was there to help my family with some situation. I looked more closely at the cat, which was the size of a snow leopard, and realized suddenly it had no skin. It had no muscles. It had no organs. Only the bones were there, walking around and functioning quite well, because of the golden glowing light of spirit within and around it, radiating soul and life force. The cat had virtually no being as we normally expect to find it, but it felt very much alive to me and was emanating love, Spirit, and healing.

When I woke the next morning, I realized the message was about what it is to be a “hollow bone.” Fool’s Crow, the Lakota holy man, spoke of each day removing all his ego, all personal issues, thoughts, emotions and preferences, everything and anything in himself that might get in the way of being a hollow bone for Spirit to flow through strongly and cleanly. I knew the concept intellectually; but now I felt the feeling of being that, I knew it with my heart. Hollow and empty of ego does not leave one hollow and empty. Filled with the beautiful power of Spirit, we become beings of light, of joy, of service and radiant love. For the rest of my life, I will be able to tap into that remembrance, that experience, to refill my heart in times of darkness and more than that, to learn to be light as the snow leopard does, inner light radiating in every situation. I am forever changed.

Then there were the happy bat people, looking like gorgeous little foxes with leather blankets to wrap around themselves. They communicated with us animatedly and “cut up” like school kids, happy for the genuine respect and love emanating from us humans who truly see them. The anteaters were climbing all about and horseplaying as well. The whole zoo population, thanks to Spirit, seemed to recognize happily a group of people who could feel them with our hearts and recognize them as other peoples, other nations, equals, rather than idiot children or irrational, dangerous beasts or objects to gawk at. Several animals that almost never come out, such as the frog-mouthed owl, came out to see us and show off a bit. Others did things they almost never do, such as the slow loris who climbed down from the safety of his hiding place in the little tree and walked – as if through cold molasses, of course – right along the glass and sat for Reiki there quite contentedly. The penguins shared their joy of embodiment by shooting about underwater back and forth for us, then swimming up to commune, receive Reiki, or simply play. They played with me by following my hand all about as I pretended it was a fish.

In the reptile section, a gorgeous and gigantic reticulated python had sent Rose word intuitively to please attune her, and as I held space for Rose to do that, simply being there was a powerful experience. Unlike any Reiki attunement I’ve ever received or done, the entire space around Rose didn’t just get hot, it got exponentially hotter and hotter – my whole system, the room, was thrumming. Rose and the python could speak best to what happened – as Rose says she didn’t know after a point who was attuning whom. A giant energy loop built and built between them, and I’ve never seen that happen during a Reiki attunement. Just being there was an experience. I slipped back to the python a while later to mentally thank her for helping Rose and for being an ambassador, and though she was at rest facing the other direction with her head behind a log, the python heard my thoughts and rose up to come back and give me her undivided attention, keeping her head in the air throughout. Serpent people tend to minimize physical effort to avoid unnecessary expenditures of energy, so this was more significant than it might at first sound (how often have you seen a captive snake get up and come over to visit you and communicate?).

And so the whole night went. The animals, the humans, and Spirit, all were excited about connecting in loving, meaningful, and happy ways, and connect we did. Magical, magical, magical!

—Leslie Britt, Seattle, WA from Evening Walk on the Wild Side at WP Zoo

“I walked away a different person.”

During A Walk on the Wild Side at Earthfire Institute each person experienced what I call an “AHA” moment, individually and as a group. The land there once was the home to many of the creatures that we now fight to save. It is a blessed place. The spirits of the animals that have gone before us were there. Those that were there in the flesh and in spirit guided all of us and taught us that we must first use our hearts to hear the lessons.

The wolf and coyote choir serenaded us and accepted us. We were enveloped in the energy and knowledge that those involved wish us to learn. I walked away a different person. The animals forgave humans for their injustice and cruelty towards them, and now I can also forgive and move forward with the animals as teachers and guides in my life. My own animals are more at peace with me, and so are the others that hold a place in my heart. Even new ones have touched me. Bless you for that moment that set a lot of us free from what we carried.

—Donna Safley, Zion, IL from A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild at Earthfire Institute 2010

“Months after the workshop, my animal communication/healing work continues to improve and my own animals are responding in clear and positive ways.”

Trying to describe our weekend is difficult because there’s no way to really put it into words. It felt like I was in two levels at the same time, this one, and also the shamanic tradition that brought me to the event.

It was very empowering to be in an entire group of people who share my love of, and commitment to, animals. It was a diverse group and I learned from each and every one. Rose, you’re an inspiration. I wish I had known you 30 years ago when I was trying to figure out why I’m here.

I knew that I was called to our ‘Walk’ by the Animal Spirits. They did the amazing act of embracing me from the time I arrived until well afterwards. I felt very strong emotions of love and welcome from the Earthfire animals and from the Ancient Ones. They were so happy that we were there, and kept telling me over and over that they love us and want to share their world with us and want to join with us in our efforts to help them and Pachamama. They asked us to help share their love with All Our Relations.

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Four months after the workshop, my animal communication/healing work is steadily improving and my own animals are responding in clear and positive ways. Merlin, a tubby tabby who’s been a bit standoffish, is now coming to me more often and accepts some petting. Sparky, a black lab mix, gets almost everything I say to him, verbal or not, sometimes with just eye contact. I can see him holding his ears in a unique way when he’s listening. My best success is that I’m convinced him to treat 15 1/2 year-old Samantha with respect.

It is intention to use my inspiring experiences at A Walk on the Wild Side at Earthfire Institute, surely one of the most amazing times of my life, to create a ripple effect of help and hope for the other creatures that share this planet with us. I plan to start visiting a game ranch/refuge/petting zoo nearby where they have wolves, bears, etc in very small and depressing conditions, and will try and replace some of the heavy energy with unconditional love and acceptance of those animals.

—Kathy Dunn, Norcross, GA from A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild at Earthfire Institute 2010


“The insights I gained and the transformations I experienced were beyond amazing.”

Rose is an excellent teacher who is open-hearted, real, and grounded. She truly embodies the spirit of shamanism – lives her life from that space – so that it passes on to her students almost by osmosis.

The insights I gained and the transformations I experienced were beyond amazing. On the second or third day of each quarterly workshop, I would notice significant changes that occur seemingly effortlessly. Even though our setting was quite urban, there was a deep sense of connectedness to the earth in everything we did. The classes were designed to emphasize personal experience rather than discussion, so the effect was that I let my experiences stand on their own, rather than look to other people to validate them.

My life is definitely different now. I have a greater appreciation for the natural world around me, a deeper connection to the earth. I’m vastly more aware of the importance of being true to my heart. And I have a new support network of fellow students who care deeply about one another.

—Diane Ho, Seattle, WA

“I enjoy feeling like I am moving through issues that I have been trying to resolve for YEARS.”

I had been interested in learning more about Shamanism for some time. At some point, I decided to LEAP, and signed up. It was not what I expected, and I had a very hard time the first session, but as time went on I began to realize that some serious transformation was taking place!

I enjoy feeling like I am moving through issues that I have been trying to resolve for YEARS. I have tried lots of self-healing classes, meditation, talk therapy, journaling—all were helpful—but this work was like a hot knife on butter. I felt real progress quickly, and I love the practical approach. Rose is very down to earth, and nurturing but still balanced.

It helps me to stay grounded and have appreciation of things every day. Through this work, I have started to SEE what I have been reading about for years. Self love matters because we are all one. We can only heal the planet by healing and loving ourselves.

—Jennifer McNeely, Seattle, WA

“I have found these classes more beneficial emotionally, spirituality and physically than many years of therapy.”

At the time I signed up for this class I was emerging from a turbulent time. I had lots of personal and professional issues which I wanted to deal with and move on from in a more positive way. Each day I feel more centered and grounded. I feel I am gaining the courage back that I had in my youth. I feel more connected to all the beings which whom we share this world! I feel closer to my ancestors/spirits. I have gained a new understanding of the animal kingdom. I am enjoying my newfound appreciation of nature. All of this makes me feel more connected to our universe.

My relationship with family and friends has changed. I listen more and say less. I have not got caught up in negative family dynamics. I find myself more at peace with myself because of this. I am more emotionally grounded.

The Shamanic healing classes are wonderful. Rose is calm, cool and collected. She is sensitive, patient and kind. She is nonjudgemental, honest and just a great teacher. I have never taken classes like these before, however I am sure these wont be my last. I have found Rose’s classes more beneficial emotionally, spirituality and physically than many years of therapy.

—Anne Murray, Portland, OR

“What I love most about the class is the empowerment.”

I was drawn to shamanic training because I wanted to take control of my life and shed the aspects of my behavior that I knew were holding me back. I got tired of repeating the same mistakes and feeling powerless to create the life I really wanted. I needed to go beyond just examining my life from an armchair perspective and actively jump into renovating it.

What I love most about the class is the empowerment. If there is something you don’t like about your life, you can change it. You are not a victim of your circumstances. You can learn to control what you attract into your life by making changes on a physical and energetic level. I also love the perspective that all beings in nature are our teachers and that you can have a direct relationship with them.

Rose is a very patient and empathetic teacher but at the same time she expects you to do your work and gently pushes you onward. She is willing to share her personal experiences through interesting stories and hard-learned lessons, even embarassing ones! She teaches from the heart and without ego. Most of all, she is trustworthy and genuine because she actually lives everything she teaches.

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I literally use this knowledge on a daily basis, at work and at home. It is meant to be an active practice. After just a little bit of time, you begin to see how changing yourself in one area automatically shifts the rest of your life more into balance. You grow more into your authentic self by doing this work. People respond to you differently because you ARE different. It is an awakening process.

— Debbie Noyes, Bellevue, WA

“I learned about myself, my woundedness, my power, my place in this amazing Earth Walk.”

Shamanic training with Rose turned out to be a life shift for me. I went into it with a desire to connect with something familiar, and in order to help others.

What I got out of it was a clearer, wiser, more humble ME. I found that connection I was looking for, but in a deeper way than I expected. I learned about myself, my woundedness, my power, my place in this amazing Earth Walk. I have a circle of women with whom I trained that support and accept me, as I do them. I am attracting people and opportunities into my life that offer me infinite ways to grow and serve, love and laugh. The training and Rose herself, are genuine, authentic, and real.

— Peggy Vertrees, Enumclaw, WA


“The journey you took us on was beautiful.”

Thank you for the amazing class today. It was really very cool and I am excited to work with my power animal, the mountain lion. The journey you took us on was beautiful; I felt incredibly connected to me, the earth, my power animal (and as a result strengthened my feeling of connection with all animals and all things). You provided the class with a safe place where we were surrounded by positive energy and this really facilitated the success of the class for me. I’ve always had a strong love for animals and connection with them, but that (for me) gets lost in day to day life so much of the time (and especially now, compared to my childhood). Thanks for helping to open the doors again to these incredible bonds and introducing me to a way to make this part of my daily life on a much deeper level.”

—Stacey Doyne, WA

“During the journey, when you guided us to ask our power animal for a gift, I received “a rock the color of sky” to which I replied ‘whaaaaa…?’ and then wrote it down in my notes anyway.”

Later, you mentioned fetishes and I remembered that many years ago my boyfriend collected carved animals. I hadn’t seen them in years but it got me thinking that maybe I did see a turtle in the collection long since put away. When I got home that night, at almost midnight, I went to the storage shelf that I thought they were on and grabbed the first thing my hand came upon–a turtle carved from sky blue rock. Wow! I believe my gift was in answer to my desire for validation that indeed my power animal is a turtle. Guess that answered that!

—Keira Amos aka Turtle Woman, Seattle, WA

“I feel that because of the experience I had during your power animal workshop that I will be able to develop my receptivity to nature and follow her guidance…”

I have had many dreams, visions, and 3rd dimensional experiences with various four-leggeds, winged ones and a few finned beings. I feel that some are messengers, others I know as guides and protectors. I know they are trying to help me in some way, yet I have had my blocks in opening up to their messages. I have been frustrated knowing I am to help nature in some way on a grand scale and have not been doing so.

I feel that because of the experience I had during your power animal workshop that I will be able to develop my receptivity to nature and follow her guidance so that I may be of help the way I feel I am capable of and beyond. Thank you so much for providing the safe space and understanding that comes with the important work that you are doing.

—Walk in Beauty, Eric K., Duvall, WA