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"When the buffalo live on the grasslands, the prairie becomes reborn. Plant diversity and predators come back; the prairie comes to life."— Mark Tilsen

Carved Peruvian Shamanic Rattles

Eagle and Condor Rattles

Our magnificent shamanic gourd rattles with chonta wood handles are carved by a Peruvian Amazon artist, and are as powerful and beautiful as they are durable. They are also helpful allies for shamanic journeys, energy healing and clearing work.

Every rattle is unique both in sound as well as design. Lovingly hand-carved, rattle shape varies according to the natural growth of the gourd, and may differ from photo shown.

Payment: Payment available through Visa, MC, and PayPal (use PayPal credit card option if paying with Amex or Discover).

Shipping: We ship to most countries (not available for shipment to Australia), but import laws vary; if so, we will contact you. Buyer is responsible for any customs taxes.

Click here to view our shamanic rattles.


“Thank you! I just got the package. I love the rattles and medicine bags they are just perfect :) I ordered them for my shamanic wedding ceremony because I wanted the favors to be something that reflected me. I love love love everything I ordered, thanks so much!!”

— Alix L., New York

“I’ve just unpacked my rattle. It’s absolutely wonderful – what a work of art and I had to just write to say how special I think it is. It feels to me that I can sense its power. I hope I can do it justice! Thank you so very much.”

— Veronica Potts, United Kingdom

“I received that sweet rattle and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for the care you took in choosing it for me.”

— Dominique A., Canada

“I just received my rattle—that was fast! Thanks so much, it’s beautiful and sounds mesmerizing.”

— Warmest regards, Marva Smith, Virginia