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“The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.” — Sioux proverb

Animal Totem Dowsing Pendulums

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These pendulums were energetically created specifically for Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing and they aren’t just beautiful—these pendulums are also fast readers and offer healing for the person they choose to work with.

The Animal Totem Pendulums are the result of a unique collaboration between shamanic practitioner Rose De Dan, stone medicine practitioner Suzanne Powell, and the spirits of the Stone and Animal People themselves, resulting in a unique and beautiful pendulum created in trust that the right person is waiting for it. Since they are powerful allies and healing companions, the Animal People and the Stone People have requested that each pendulum be united only with the person it has chosen for its partner. Therefore a shamanic reading is done with each order to determine if there is a match.

Our pendulums are also packaged with spirit ally Sage and an “Absolute Truth Without Interference” blue glass marble to help keep your pendulum clear of intrusive energies. A basic brochure is included with each pendulum, offering guidance on how to begin getting to know and work with your new Stone Buddy.

How to Use Your Pendulum

Your pendulum can be used in healing to discern whether a chakra is open or blocked, or can offer information as to where energy is blocked in the body. In addition these pendulums can be used to dowse for lost items or to train and enhance your psychic or intuitive capabilities through obtaining simple “yes” or “no” answers.

Not sure which one to choose?

If you are unsure as to which one is “yours” I would be happy to do an energetic read on which pendulum would suit you best, just send me an email.

Who’s Your Stone Buddy?

Want to learn more about your pendulum or a special stone? Discover what the Stone People want to teach you with our Who’s Your Stone Buddy? Audio Class.

To honor and protect your pendulum see our selection of Ancient Ways Medicine Bags.

FAQ about the Pendulums

Are your pendulums primarily recommended for use with animals? Are they as effective with people?
The pendulums are for use with whomever the pendulum chooses. People who have matched report that some pendulums say they are there to help that person with their personal healing, while others are willing to work with everyone (human or animal). It all depends on why the pendulum chooses you, which is why I often recommend audio Who’s Your Stone Buddy? so that people can find out.

Payment and Shipping

Payment: Payment available by VISA, MC, and PayPal (use PayPal option if you wish to pay using Discover or Amex).

Shipping: We ship to most countries, but import laws vary and your country may be the exception; if so, we will contact you. All physical products ship via USPS Priority (U.S.) or First Class International. Some items are not available for shipment outside the U.S. Buyer is responsible for any customs taxes.

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Pendulum Stories

“The energy in this [pendulum] is really intense!”

Charlie Love makes videos about her experiences. Click here to watch as she meets her pendulum for the very first time in this short documentary. I love the part where her pendulum shows off for the camera.

“The pendulum arrived a couple days ago, and it’s absolutely lovely! It also SANG with energy when I touched it—wow!”

— Christina V., North Carolina

“Thank you for helping us find each other.”

I LOVE my own buffalo pendulum. From the first time I picked it up – I want to tone and sing every time I use it. Thank you for helping us find each other.

— Dawn Wrobel, Beecher, IL

“I am glad you waited to send me just the right pendulum.”

“I just wanted to thank you for sending [pendulum] Fishing Bear. At first I felt it might be a more assertive energy, but when I opened the package, I felt like I got this wonderful, loving “bear hug.” He has been teaching me to look inside and to trust my own wisdom among many other things. I am glad you waited to send me just the right pendulum. To the lovely Journey.”

— Jean Anne Blessing, Madison, WI

“I’m looking forward to us getting to know one another and the years of work that are waiting for us.”

My pendulum arrived home safely today. What a powerful piece he is… I don’t know that I was ready to feel the magnitude of energy that I did while holding him for the 1st time – I had to put him down :::laughing:::

I’m looking forward to us getting to know one another and the years of work that are waiting for us. Thank u for keeping him for me, Rose.

— CL Daub, Pottstown, PA

“I witnessed something truly special last night and cannot wait to work more with my pendulum. Thank you for bringing us together.”

I hope you don’t mind but I really wanted to let you know about a wonderful experience I had with Mr Stealth [my pendulum] yesterday afternoon.

Shortly after arriving home one of my dear cats (15 years old) wasn’t looking very well and had been sick. About 10 minutes later I found him in the walk in robe just lying there, he had been sick again and didn’t look good at all. It was late and the vet was only open for another 30 minutes. For whatever reason Mr Stealth came to mind immediately.

This is my first pendulum, I have never owned or used one before, I reached for him and began to ask him what I should do, he offered to help me heal my cat. WOW what an amazing experience. Not knowing what I was doing I just held the pendulum above my cat. The pendulum swung around and around in the biggest circles I have ever seen it make. I have never seen an animal go into such a meditate state before, I sat on the floor with him for about 5 minutes before he got up and jumped up onto the bed. I continued holding the pendulum above my cat and he lay receiving all its offering. He then went into a very deep sleep.

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So seeing what it had to offer I sat down with my other cat who is currently being treated for hyperthyroidism. Now we are talking about cats, cats who will normally jump up at things dangling above them and want to play. As soon as I placed the pendulum above her she just laid down, this time the pendulum went side to side, back and forth, and round and round. She soaked it all up. Then when I finished I offered Mr Stealth to my cat to say thank you, well if she had arms she would have wrapped them around both of us, she kept hugging herself on top of my hand with Mr Stealth. When I went to pull my hands away she grabbed them and pulled them back to her, it was so funny she didn’t want it to stop.

WOW. I witnessed something truly special last night and cannot wait to work more with him. Thank you for bringing us together.

— Regards, Shona Forbes, NSW, Australia

“Beautiful pendulum, beautiful energy and I see this will be very healing.”

WOW. Just rec’d the pendulum on my lunch break, it told me it was waiting in my mailbox. I did not believe it when that thought popped into my head, thought it was too soon. I checked my mailbox, and guess what?

I immediately reacted to the pendulum and so did [my cat] Rockie. His eyes got very big and he touched his nose to it. I felt like there was a kind of a quick initiation/attunement that happened for each of us with the pendulum.

I read the instructions and holy cow did it respond right away! It’s very clear, very strong and there is no question what answer it’s showing. Felt so natural for me, I now understand I’ve used pendulums in past lives. I love this pendulum and am so happy we all found each other. Have already asked a few things and cannot wait to come back home tonight to work with it some more. This is going to be a very positive relationship.

Thank you so much, beautiful work, beautiful energy and I see this will be very healing.

— Blessings, Mary Pendleton, Des Moines, WA

“I love that I’ve found a pendulum with attitude!”

I LOVE my pendulum! I already have stories to tell. I thought it would take me a long time to learn how to use it, but when I pulled her out of the packaging she came in, Luna came flying up onto the bed where I was sitting and started rubbing her face against the pendulum. So I asked, “Is Luna a cat?” And she swung in a clockwise circle. Then I asked, “Is Luna a dog?” And she swung counterclockwise. Then I asked, “Are you the greatest dowsing pendulum ever?” And she swung clockwise in a big, strong arc, so I think I’ve established her “yes” and “no” response! I love that I found a pendulum with attitude!

— Amara S., Seattle, WA

“I’ve never felt so attuned to any stone/crystal before.”

It’s so exciting, the pendulum arrived today in the mail! It’s beautiful. It reacts so incredibly smoothly and easily to every request. I can’t quite put into words how in synch it is with me. I’ve never felt so attuned to any stones/crystals before, it’s absolutely amazing.

The vibration I feel holding it and using it is wonderful. I’m so surprised because I really was initially very visually attracted to the sparkling garnet and quartz pendulum and not at all to the earthy qualities of the opal and turquoise. Even my twin sister preferred the garnet and quartz one (I consulted her too!) But something inside was nudging me to consider both. How ironic and funny that you chose the one I was considering/hoping for the least. A lesson to remember.

— Carolyn

“My pendulum feels like it has come home.”

My pendulum finally arrived today. I love it !! It feels like it has come home, I am so pleased. I have a notion to do a shamanic journey to the stones to see if there is a special message there.

— Sally Cole, United Kingdom