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“Let a man decide upon his favorite animal and make a study of it, learning its innocent ways. Let him learn to understand its sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with man, but Wakan-Tanka does not intend they shall do so directly—man must do the greater part in securing an understanding.” — Brave Buffalo (Teton Sioux)

Tips for Choosing a Mist Essence

Not sure which mist to choose? The following questions and detailed information may help.

If you still aren’t sure which mist offers the best support for you or your loved ones, I offer a complimentary shamanic reading by email. Please tell me who the essence reading is for, and what the issue is. You’ll receive a reply containing the results within 48 hours.

Vi Miere Mists “A”

Aggression Ease
Do you have trouble controlling your temper? (i.e., road rage, going postal)
Do you ever have fear of losing control and doing something you don’t want to do?
Does your animal growl and bare their teeth at you, people or other animals?

Have you or your animal experienced lack of appetite or being picky with your food?
Have you or your animal experienced unwanted weight loss?
Are you changing your diet and need help with the transition?

Arthritis Ease
Do you have joint pain, swelling or stiffness?
Do you have trouble getting up from sitting?
Does your animal have more trouble getting up and moving on cold days?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities?
Do you have difficulty making decisions and choices?
Are you experiencing any changes in your life? (i.e., move, job, relationship, puberty, loss)

Do you question your place in the world?
Do you or your animal have trouble feeling self-assured when meeting new people?
Are you seeking connection with a higher source?

Do you or your animal have active lifestyles?
Do you need help aligning yourself with your body?
Do you or your animal compete in athletic events? (Assists restoration after events.)

Vi Miere Mists “B-F”

Cellular Tonification
Do you desire support for your immune system? Do you feel sluggish or lethargic?
Have you just recovered from an illness or accident? Any inflammation or swelling?
Do you feel you have been burning the candle at both ends bombarded by life’s demands?

Do you or your animal distrust your ability to make decisions?
Are you uncertain about your correct path in life?
Are you or your animal distracted easily when trying to focus?

Do you feel energetically drained when you leave work?
Do you feel mentally and physically exhausted?
Does your day-to-day life exhaust you?
Is your animal companion struggling?

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Smudging can help.

Smudging is a time-honored method of clearing hucha (heavy energy) by asking plant allies for assistance by burning herbs and incenses such as sage, cedar, or palo santo wood. However, smoke is not appropriate in some places such as offices, hospitals, and stables, and some people have a sensitivity to the scents.

Clear Essence Mist is a portable, fragrance-free, smoke-free alternative for clearing energy fields or space of hucha on a regular basis.

Hucha is dark and sticky, and clings to our external energy fields. Without routine smudging hucha can gradually work its way into our internal energy body, and once entrenched is much more difficult to extract and can impede the flow of our body’s natural energy systems. Over time blockages in the energy flow can result in physical illness. And what affects our energy fields also affects our families, both human and animal (see Stress Busting 101).

Clear mist can be used for smudging anywhere you can’t have smoke or embers such as medical settings, stables, kennels, shelters, office spaces, corporate board rooms, etc. This easy to use mist is also a wonderful alternative for people who are sensitive to fragrances or smoke since it is odorless.

People from all walks of life use Vi Miere’s Clear with great results. Cubicle workers, hospital employees, love using the mist because it is effective, easy to use, easy to carry which means that it can be used practically everywhere. For example in hospital settings, where workers are exposed routinely to a lot of heavy energy and often don’t have time for extended breaks, Vi Miere Clear mist can be carried in a pocket for discreet use at any time. A little spritz is all you need!

Energy workers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and other therapists can use Clear on their healing space and themselves before and after every healing session which benefits both healer and client.

And Clear can be used before going to bed for calmer, more restful sleep, and upon waking to greet the day energetically refreshed.

Do you find others avoid you, because you seem to talk all of the time?
Do your conversations always end up with you talking about you and your interests?
Do you find it difficult to be a good listener?

Compulsive Ease
Do you have persistent thoughts or worries?
Do you tend to get stuck in living in the past or future and not living in the present?
Does your animal excessively dig in one spot or bite on themselves with destructive behaviors?

Do you feel apathetic about where you are in life?
Does your animal startle easily and cower over loud noises?
Do you focus on failure which prevents you from succeeding in life?

Core Issues
Do you feel apprehensive about life?
Do you feel the need for personal growth and not sure how to do it?
Are you scared of looking within? Are you hiding from your true feelings?

Do you fail to get what you go after in life?
Do small setbacks or delays inhibit you from moving forward?
Do you wish to bring more fullness and joy to your animal’s life?

Divine Spine
Does your back feel misaligned?
Do you have pain and stiffness in your back?
Do you desire better posture?

Do you need help in starting anew and letting go?
Do you frequently go with other peoples choices even when it isn’t your desire?
Do small setbacks seem monumental to you? Do you lose faith?

Energy Balance
Do you frequently feel out of balance or “off”?
Do you frequently wake up fatigued after a good night’s sleep?
Do you or your animal frequently have mood swings?

Are you always apologizing for inconveniencing others?
Do you feel physically tight in your body when around other people?
Does your animal hide when company comes over?

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Expansion assists in expanding oneself into “claiming one’s space” and reaching one’s full potential.

Indications your animals would benefit:
• having family, friends or a party over the holidays
• will hide when company comes over
• aloof wanting alone time
• spooks easily
• doesn’t want a lot of pets from you or anyone
• may even bite/nip if petted too long (for him/her)

Indications you would benefit:
• work in a cubicle
• going shopping on Black Friday
• holiday shopping during December
• having family, friends or a party over the holidays
• feel cramped in crowds
• travel on airplane

Are all of your animals getting along?
Do you have children at home for the summer?
Are you going for a family visit?
Do you have a new member (2 or 4-legged) in your household?

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Family essence supports harmony among all family members.
It was originally created for a friend who was going to visit her family for five weeks and wanted strong support. The intentions and formulation with Family is that when sprayed it promotes a deep sense of love and connection as a healthy family unit. It dispels any negativity, so that harmony can exist.

Do you have hot-flashes, mood swings or weight gain that are associated with your cycle?
Do you have PMS or menopause?
Do you have depression?

Do you or your animal doubt your ability to make decisions?
Do you jump from one project to another without completing it?
Are you having difficulty deciding what to do with your life?

Vi Miere Mists “G-N”

Have you or your animal recently had a traumatic event?
Have you or your animal recently had a physical illness?
Do you have a problem making adjustments with confidence and understanding?

Have you or your animal recently had a fight with a loved one?
Do you frequently try to correct or impose your thoughts on others?
Do you or your animal frequently feel like you don’t belong in new situations?

Have you lost your sense of wonderment at life?
Do you feel like you have lost your sense of humor?
Do you wish to feel more alive?

Do you have depression?
Do you have trouble functioning in the winter or on grey, cloudy days?
Do you feel like you’d love to get away for a tropical vacation or anywhere it is sunny?

Is it difficult to let go of past attachments to create new opportunities?
Do you feel overly sensitive and influenced by external people or situations?
Do you feel “why bother, I don’t deserve it or I can’t have it anyway”?

Is apathy a feeling you often experience?
Do you find yourself resigned to current circumstances in life?
Do unpleasant thoughts make it impossible for you to break free and make changes?

Muscle Ease
Do you feel stiff and sore?
Do you have muscle aches and pains?
Do you have limited range of motion?

Neediness Relief
Do you have difficulty being alone or by yourself?
Do you or your animal feel clingy to others?
Do you constantly seek the advice of others?

Have you or your animal suffered the loss of a loved one?
Do you engage in addictive behaviors?(i.e. excessive sex, shopping, eating, sports, drugs, gambling)
Do you frequently hide feelings of unhappiness and need for love?

Vi Miere Mists “O-S”

My little, very skittish cat, when his energy field was “treated” with Serene mist, did not even meow when transported to the vet on two separate occasions. I find it almost a miracle! — Della M., Seattle

Pain Ease
Have you just had a physical illness or surgery?
Have you been in emotional distress?
Have you or your animal been in an abusive relationship?

Panic Relief
Do you compete in events and want to alleviate some pre-performance tension?
Do you feel afraid of offering your ideas or your talents to the world?
Do you sabotage yourself when performing so you do a bad job?

Do you compete in events and want to alleviate some pre-performance tension?
Do you feel afraid of offering your ideas or your talents to the world?
Do you sabotage yourself when performing so you do a bad job?

Present Now
Are you always dwelling in the past?
Are you always worried about future events?
Do you have difficulty being in the moment?

Do you feel bombarded with energy when in a crowd?
Do you get overwhelmed with external stimuli?
Do you desire protection from the energy of others?

Radiation Clean
Do you use a cell phone, microwave, television, computer?
Have you or your animal had X-rays or radiation treatments?
Have you had unhealthy environmental exposures?

Do you have negative self-thought that compromises your ability to be in a romantic relationship?
Do you have fear of intimate relationships?
Do you have trouble leaving a bad relationship to make room for a new healthy relationship?

Separation Ease
Do you or your animal have trouble being separated from loved ones?
Do you or your animal have fear of being alone?
Do you not participate or engage in a relationship for fear of being abandoned or left?

Do you never have a sense of peace and calm?
Do you ever feel you’ve reached the “end of your rope”?
Do you ever feel satisfied inside or do you frequently feel sorry for yourself?

Shock Ease
Do you feel despondency and despair like you’ve reached the limits of your endurance?
Do you feel the future is bleak?
Have you or your animal recently experienced a trauma or accident?

Shoulder Release
Are you experiencing limited range of motion in your shoulders?
Do you feel like you are carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders?
Do you feel like your shoulders are on your ears?

Do you prevent yourself from dreaming big and going for your dreams?
Do you frequently criticize yourself? Can you be happy with yourself?
Do you have trouble getting enthusiastic about life?

Soul Purpose
Do you feel less than satisfied with your life?
Do you sense you have a bigger purpose that you aren’t in touch with?
Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Spirit Release
Do you sense a longing to be more free?
Do you feel less than enthusiastic about life?
Do you fully experience life?

Submissive Ease
Does your animal submissively pee when greeting people and animals?
Do you frequently ask others for advice even when you have a sense of what’s right for you?
Do you easily feel exploited and are often taken advantage of?


Vi Miere Mists “T-Z”

Do you procrastinate?
Do small setbacks seem huge?
Do you experience lack of direction and not knowing where to go or what to do?

Have you recently moved into a new home?
Did your schedule just shift to a summer or fall schedule?
Do you have a dog who has recently had an injury or surgery and is now on crate rest?

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Transition essence supports you and your animals in times when life brings you change. (i.e. Moving to a new home, changing schedule from summer to back-to-school, have a new family member whether 2 or 4-legged, having to rest and recover from injury or surgery when used to being more active.)

It was originally created for a horse client who was on stall rest. It helped Seven adjust to the change of having to rest and be in his stall all day instead of being out roaming free in the field like he was used to while he recovered from his injury. It helped him calm and be more content during his healing process. And since then, Transition has been serving many more people and animals handle changes in life with more ease.

Do you distrust your ability to make judgements and decisions?
When faced with two decisions, do you become indecisive?
Do you find yourself doubting and mistrusting other people?

Have you been brave and courageous and are now tired and have lost enthusiasm?
Do you have self-disgust and self-loathing?
Do you have resentment and bitterness?

Are you a self-confident person?
Do you have feelings of inferiority?
Do you have trouble speaking up when no one else agrees with you?

Do you have issues of feeling worthy and deserving of wealth?
Do you have a sense there isn’t enough for you?
Do you feel money is bad?

Whiplash Relief
Do you suffer from neck pain?
Do you suffer from limited range of motion and neck stiffness?
Are you experiencing headaches?

Are you unsure about where to go and what to do when a major life event occurs?
Do changes feel unsurmountable?
Do you find it difficult to improve the quality in your life?