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“Before eating, always take time to thank the food.” — Arapaho proverb

United, We All Stand: Creating Shift Energetically for the Gulf Oil Spill

Sea Turtle, © Rose De Dan 2010

The recent environmental tragedy that took place on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico when BP’s oil rig blew out, pouring oil onto a fragile Louisiana ecosystem at an estimated 210,000 gallons per day, has many people deeply concerned about its effect on the environment and wildlife.

As …Continue reading

Reiki and the Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal with Reiki Face, ©2010 Rose De Dan

Harbor Seal with Reiki Face, ©Rose De Dan 2010

My dog, Puma, and I were out for a Sunday stroll along Alki Beach in West Seattle when I noticed that the area around the steps leading down to the beach and Puget Sound had been cordoned off by yellow tape. Getting closer I saw why—a seal …Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

Panini and Truffles

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for gathering with families and loved ones, as well as a time for giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. Greeting cards often depict the holiday with images of families gathered around a table laden with delicious food. But for myself, and many of my readers, such …Continue reading

Carnival of Healing #215: Explorations

Catch a Tiger by His Toe… Rose De Dan©2009

Welcome to Carnival of Healing #215!

Last week the Carnival was hosted by Janet Dagley Dagley at The Reiki Digest.

This is the second time the Carnival has been hosted here on the Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Blog, and once again I had a great time exploring new …Continue reading

Been Raining Toadstools

Toadstool in Cityscape, Rose De Dan©2009

Okay, I know I live in Seattle, a place renowned for rain nine months of the year, and should be used to inclement weather, but today I felt way overdue for sunshine.

Usually the rain is gentle. The downpours I knew back East are relatively unknown here, but that pattern seemed …Continue reading

Halloween Fun: Ghosts at the Movies, Witch Dogs and Panther Cats

Panther Prowl ©Rose De Dan 2009

Looking for some unusual Halloween Greeting Cards or Wall Calendars?

Panther Prowl greeting card shows the true primal nature of the housecat as reflected in her shadow (card is available in single or 10-pack.). Photography model is Jewell, a neighbor-cat of mine who is a lot more friendly than she looks …Continue reading

Carnival of Healing #210: Connections

Carnival Swirl, Gardenia Blossom ©Rose De Dan 2009

Welcome to Carnival of Healing #210! Last week’s Carnival was hosted by Rosanna C Rogacion of Melisma. This is the first time the Carnival has been hosted here on the Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing blog, but it won’t be the last. I have so enjoyed reading, …Continue reading

What Do Squirrels Do on Sunny Days?

A Maple Seed, Some Sun, and Thou ©Rose De Dan 2009

My kitchen window affords some fine photo opportunities, and this sunny day was especially fun.

Two young sibling squirrels found themselves a great place to catch some rays—my garage roof. Covered in black asphalt tiles it soaks up warmth, and with a huge maple tree within …Continue reading

The Animal Shaman, the Elk, and the Sword

As a practicing energy professional it is important that I do regular shamanic healing sessions for myself, clearing out old issues. Sometimes the issues are very apparent, an event occurs that churns up emotions of anger, fear, sorrow, etc. Other times my choice of issue is more conscious and related to planning for the future.

Such was …Continue reading

Gun Shy, Murder Mystery that’s Dog-gone Good

When the intensity of the type of work that I do gets to be a bit much, and I’m feeling like I need a break, I take a mental vacation. My favorite form of doing that is to dive into a good book like Gun Shy (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, Book 3), by author Donna Ball. …Continue reading

Dogs Speak On Peace for Dogs

Amazing and beautiful video Peace for Dogs has been released as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in the campaign against dog fighting. Rather than appeal to the public by presenting the usual truthful and horrifying images of dogs that have been wounded or killed in dog fights, the creators were inspired to tell the story from …Continue reading

12 Steps to a Shining Spirit

Feeling dragged down, held back?
Having trouble staying grounded, focused, and centered?
Want to communicate better with animals?

In December of 2008 Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing released the first ever shamanic calendar/workbook created as a 12-step healing process for people and the earth. And we created matching Journals to enable you to deepen your experiences and chart your …Continue reading

15 Year-Old Cat, Roger, Looking for Love

It is my great honor to know some truly wonderful people and organizations that I come across in the day-to-day operation of my alternative healing practice, but Kindred Souls Foundation based in Steilacoom, WA stands out.

I first met Kelly Nelson, founder of Kindred Souls, at a Psychic Fair, of all places. Somehow I felt drawn to …Continue reading

Dare to Care, Saving Shelter Animals

In 1982 I was living in Laramie, Wyoming, and decided to take a class on “how to get published.” The teacher was Donald Murray, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. I was not really certain why I was taking the class other than the opportunity to be guided by someone who could write well enough to win such …Continue reading

Northern Cat Lights

Recently I purchased a long-overdue, new computer. My new iMac has sped up my work life immensely, and is a sculptural work of art, for a computer (thanks, Apple and Steve Jobs!). However, it has an additional, and probably unanticipated benefit: my cat, Kiya, loves one of the screen savers.

Originally I had used one of the …Continue reading

Cat Christmas Spirit

Here Kiya, the Box Queen, age 13, and Saqqara, age 15, engage in a bit of play. After so many years together as a family, it was really fun to see the older cats wake up as soon as they heard the sound of the wrapping paper being unrolled. More than one present has a bit …Continue reading

The Gift of Spirit

Spending three days in shaman time usually results in interesting insights and occurrences, but the first session of the year-long training, Spirited Living: A Journey into Self-Healing, was more interesting than most.

Part of the three-day workshop was held at Camp Long. Located in West Seattle, Camp Long is a Seattle park with a focus on education …Continue reading

Wisdom of the Animals, Shamanism and Global Warming

The following are two recent interviews, now archived for those who might have missed the live broadcast on the 7th Wave Network program, “Living Wisdom” with Dr. Liana Carbón, Institute of Shamanic Wisdom.

The Wisdom of the Animals: Shamanism for Modern Times with Rose De Dan and Dr. Liana Carbón

Do you love animals or have an animal …Continue reading

The Wisdom of the Animals and Global Warming

Well, I did my first ever live radio interview yesterday and thought it went well despite our having computer challenges that did not enable Liana Carbon to communicate to me when the breaks were coming up. At least it made us sound like we are really excited about the conversation we are having! If it was …Continue reading

The Nectar of Joy

Maybe it was the June Peruvian shamanic despacho ceremony, but lately I feel like I am living in synchronicity-land. It was an ayni despacho ceremony, designed to bring one’s life into balance and harmony, removing blockages that stand in the way of your manifesting your highest potential. It is said that when you are in balance …Continue reading

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