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The Pachamama Stakes: Race for the Earth

Tales from A Walk on the Wild Side and Windwalker's Message

What is Reiki? Audio

Reiki Master Rose De Dan answers your questions about Reiki benefits for animals & people.

Two Dogs

A story of animal communication and compassion



“Let a man decide upon his favorite animal and make a study of it, learning its innocent ways. Let him learn to understand its sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with man, but Wakan-Tanka does not intend they shall do so directly—man must do the greater part in securing an understanding.” — Brave Buffalo (Teton Sioux)

Shamanic Celebrations with the Orcas

What was it like to meet the Whale Teachers in shamanic ceremony? imagine watching a National Geographic documentary narrated by the Orcas while you are completely surrounded by deeply loving spiritual energy… …Continue reading

Ghost Dog

Our loved ones never really leave us. …Continue reading

The Orcas Are Calling: Whale Teachers Shamanic Journey Telecall June 29

The second of three shamanic telecalls with the Whale Teachers is coming up!

This time the focus will be on the Orcas. Technically Orcas are members of the oceanic dolphin family, but since we so often refer to them as “killer whales” the Orcas asked to be included as part of the Whale Teacher series and I …Continue reading

Who is Listening to the Elephants?

Who is Listening to the Elephants: Wisdom from Watoto ©2014 Rose De Dan

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle recently announced that they would be moving remaining elephants Chai and Bamboo to the Oklahoma City Zoo. The announcement was met with a lot of angry opposition from activists who wanted them to be retired to a sanctuary. A few of my readers reached out to me to ask if I knew what Chai and Bamboo preferred. Here are the messages I received from Master Teacher African elephant Watoto. …Continue reading

Octopus Love and Crab Prayers

River Otter and Prayer Stick ©2015 Rose De Dan

I spent this past Valentine’s Day with the many different species of animals, birds, and other marine wildlife at the Seattle Aquarium. It was the third field trip for Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors, and we had let all of the animals know that we were coming to be with them to listen, collect their prayers for ceremony, and perhaps offer a little Reiki here and there. …Continue reading

New Video: A ReikiShamanic Spiritual Year with the Animals

Mariah the Gyrfalcon with Prayer Stick ©Rose De Dan

In 2014 Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing students invited thousands of domestic and wild animals to join with us in shamanic ceremonies by adding their prayers to specially decorated sticks. We carried their prayers to fire on their behalf to support healing of the ancient bond that connects us all. And field trips offered Reiki students many opportunities to practice. This video was created in celebration of all the wonderful moments we shared with the animals. …Continue reading

Crow Messages

Crow Friend, ©2014 Rose De Dan

A little crow wisdom on how to successfully navigate daily life. …Continue reading

Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors Field Trips and Teleclasses

Harbor Seal with Neave and Katie ©Rose De Dan

Zoo Animal Ambassadors have invited us to listen to their perceptions and connect with them as spiritual beings through local field trips and worldwide teleclasses. For this unique 5-part class series I will be sharing with you the basic techniques and exercises that I use before, during and after a zoo visit to properly introduce myself, initiate an interaction or conversation with the animals, and create ceremonies. While this class focuses on zoo animals the techniques learned support and facilitate communication and connection with all species—domestic to wild. …Continue reading

Gift of the Animals: New 4-part Teleseminar Series

Lynx Elmo at Earthfire Institute, Photo: ©2014 Andrew Hinton

The Gift of the Animals: Stories, Perceptions, Shamanic Journeys is a unique 4-part teleseminar series hosted by three humans and the wild animals of Earthfire Institute (living and in spirit). The animals would like to help us shift back into connection with them. In order for that to happen we need to view the world through their eyes for a moment—to shift to their way of perceiving. …Continue reading

Messages from Watoto the Elephant

Elephant Profile, ©Debbie Noyes 2013

That morning the keepers at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle had found her collapsed in her outdoor exhibit. Efforts to try to get her back on her feet failed. Her condition worsened, and the humane decision was made to euthanize her.

I was saddened when I heard the news that day, and I knew that many others would be as well, including Chai and Bamboo—her elephant companions.

But Watoto’s passing brought up more than just sadness in others—it re-ignited the touchy issue of whether elephants should be kept in captivity at the Woodland Park Zoo (or in captivity at all, anywhere).

But Watoto had her own message to share. …Continue reading

Manitou and the Molehill Gang

Manitou, Grass Tiger, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Manitou, Grass Tiger, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Last fall my backyard was undergoing a plague of moles—or perhaps it was simply one very industrious mole. Molehills littered the yard and the brazen inhabitant of the one closest to the house would commence renovations literally at my feet as I sat reading.

Lots of research resulted in my …Continue reading

So, you want to talk to animals…

Rose De Dan and Friesian Dante share a moment, Serenity Equine Rescue ©2013 Debbie Noyes

Many people tell me they wish they had my gift of talking to the animals and connecting with them. I always say that everyone can do it. It only takes practice, a dedication to personal healing (clearing what clogs your perceptual filters), and a willingness to listen and trust (and that’s where the practice comes in—over …Continue reading

Wisdom of the Dalai Llama at Animals As Healers and Teachers

The Dalai Llama at Pasado's during Animals As Healers and Teachers ©2014 Rose De Dan

I’d like to share one experience that I had when we visited with Animal Teacher Dalai Llama who shares pasture with a llama named Miracle. What’s in a name? In this case, a lot of wisdom. …Continue reading

Interview with Rose De Dan: Wisdom of the Animal Elders, part 2

The Connection: Ambassador Cucumber the timber wolf and Rose De Dan ©Donna Safely

The Connection: Ambassador Cucumber the timber wolf and Rose De Dan ©Donna Safely 2010

I recently gave an interview to podcast host Lisa Aston where we had such a good time chatting it needed to be published in two parts.

In Reiki and Shamanic Animals Teachers, part 1 we discussed animal communication, Reiki, shamanism and the …Continue reading

Interview with Rose De Dan: Reiki and Shamanic Animal Teachers

Rose De Dan and Goat Jake at New Moon Farm ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

This interview is the first of a two-parts, and the intensity of it surprised Lisa and myself – the animals were definitely wanting to be heard! Listen in as we discuss animal communication, Reiki, shamanism and the healing wisdom of the animal teachers who can show us the way back to who we are. …Continue reading

Photo Documentary: Listening to Animal Ambassadors at Woodland Park Zoo

Komodo Dragon Selat and Prayer Sticks WP Zoo ©2014 Rose De Dan

Komodo Dragon Selat and Prayer Sticks at Woodland Park Zoo ©2014 Rose De Dan

For this month’s final Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors field trip I led students to the Woodland Park Zoo. There were so many animals that wished to be seen and heard that we not only opened the zoo, we closed it too!

When …Continue reading

Photo Documentary: Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors at Northwest Trek

River Otter Greeting, ©2014 Rose De Dan,

We invited each of the animals to join us in shamanic ceremonies by adding their prayers to specially decorated prayer sticks, and once again the animals delighted us by their willingness to participate. On the tram ride it seemed as though all the animals had come out to greet us. They lined the sides of the tram route as though they were watching a parade. It seemed that we were the main attraction, not them. …Continue reading

Photo Documentary: Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors at Point Defiance Zoo

Harbor Seal with Neave and Katie ©Rose De Dan

Our visit included inviting the animals to join us in shamanic ceremonies by adding their prayers to specially decorated prayer sticks, and the responses of the animals to the students were amazing. …Continue reading

Braveheart Calling

In early June, despite suffering from a very heavy cold, I made an appearance at Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation to give the talk “Animals As Healers and Teachers.” It felt important that I show up no matter what (which in this case meant sounding a bit like a cross between Donald Duck and a trumpeter …Continue reading

The Power of Listening to Animal Voices: lost pony Gemma found through animal communication

Photo credit: King County Search and Rescue

Last year I met respected author and animal communicator Joan Ranquet. We stayed in touch and she invited me to be on the panel of authors for Our Animals, Our Healers at East West Books last November.

As we planned for the event we realized that we had a mutual …Continue reading

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