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"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."—Lao Tzu

Reiki and Shamanic Teleclasses Return in October

Rose De Dan and Goat Jake at New Moon Farm ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

My guides feel it is important to keep the energy rolling, so they have had me schedule three different teleclasses all beginning the third week in October. It is recommended that you only take one of them at a time so you may fully transition through the energetic shifts and digest the material. I promise that …Continue reading

Photo Documentary: Reiki 2 at Pasado’s

Buford the Goat relaxes on Harley’s Hip during Reiki, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Last month I taught Reiki 2 class at Pasado’s Safe Haven, and everyone had a great time (both people and animals). It is challenging to try to convey what happens when we visit (even photos don’t tell the whole story), but I will …Continue reading

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Summer in Review

The highlights of an amazing summer teaching Reiki and shamanic healing, and listening and learning from the Animal Teachers. …Continue reading

Whale Watching the Shamanic Way

Grey Whale Baby and Speedboat ©2014 Rose De Dan

This summer I went on a whale watch with Island Adventures.

Before leaving my house I was told to place a copy of the book Sightings: The Grey Whales’ Mysterious Journey under my mesa (shamanic healing bundle). I thought this rather curious since it was not migration season …Continue reading

Animal Reiki Energy Healing Demo at Mud Bay Admiral with Rose De Dan

Rose De Dan offers Reiki to American Eskimo dog Q-tip

Animals love Reiki! Bring your animal companion for a taste of Reiki with Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing at Mud Bay Admiral, October 12, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Unleash your animal’s spirit! …Continue reading

Manitou and the Shamanic Photoshoot

Manitou Front Porch ©2014 Rose De Dan

It was a hot summer day and the sun was strong. The opened umbrella cast the perfect shadow over the shamanic still life, and to my dismay Manitou stepped up on the garden bench and sat down with an expression of complete contentment. As far as he was concerned I had just supplied him with the perfect shade from the heat of the sun. I fully intended to shoo Manitou away, but for some reason I kept on taking pictures. …Continue reading

Wolf Messages

Gray Wolf Spruce Adds Voice to Group Howl at Wolf Haven Int'l, ©2014 Rose De Dan

We were just speaking of the relationship of the wolves with the bison in Yellowstone and the very important balance that is maintained in the ecosystem by predators when suddenly all the wolves and the two coyotes began to howl. I had a very strong sense that they were singing that message of balance as well as adding their prayers to ceremony. It was a very sacred moment. …Continue reading

New Animal Totem Healing Pendulums Have Arrived!

#27 Agate Bat Pendulum

Several Animal Totem pendulums have not found their person yet—is your Stone Buddy waiting for you? …Continue reading

ReikiShamanic Tips for Animal Fears and 4th of July Fireworks

Rose De Dan offers Reiki to goat Tonka and cat Viggo ©

I have the honor of teaching Reiki to some very wonderful and enthusiastic students who take what they have learned and apply it with extremely positive benefit for all aspects of their lives and the lives of their animal companions.

While the healing energy of Reiki Level 1 is powerful, Reiki Level 2 expands the benefits exponentially …Continue reading

The Spirit of Giving

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing Paw Print Tile at Woodland Park Zoo

A year or two ago I was reading an email request from the Woodland Park Zoo for donations for their Malayan Tiger exhibit, which was in the planning stages.

Donations would help with building, conservation efforts (there are fewer than 500 in the wild) and education.

Donors would be honored with a name and paw print in the …Continue reading

Reiki Selfie with Goat

Reiki Selfie with Goat ©Natasha Zapata

I frequently mention on my blog just how much animals love Reiki, but this photo of Reiki recipient goat Annabelle is worth a 1000 words.

Recent Reiki 1 Teleseminar graduate Natasha Zapata shared this selfie of Animal Ambassador Annabelle who lives at the Staten Island Zoo where she volunteers as a docent.

Natasha said, “…spent some time …Continue reading

In Honor of Able Seacat Simon and Other Animal Heroes on Memorial Day

Able Seacat Simon

Since ancient times many different species of animals have also served bravely. While I deplore the need for war, I am deeply moved by the efforts of the animal heroes who have served alongside the human warriors. A few of those animals have been officially recognized as war heroes. …Continue reading

Manitou and the Molehill Gang

Manitou, Grass Tiger, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Manitou, Grass Tiger, ©2014 Rose De Dan

Last fall my backyard was undergoing a plague of moles—or perhaps it was simply one very industrious mole. Molehills littered the yard and the brazen inhabitant of the one closest to the house would commence renovations literally at my feet as I sat reading.

Lots of research resulted in my …Continue reading

So, you want to talk to animals…

Rose De Dan and Friesian Dante share a moment, Serenity Equine Rescue ©2013 Debbie Noyes

Many people tell me they wish they had my gift of talking to the animals and connecting with them. I always say that everyone can do it. It only takes practice, a dedication to personal healing (clearing what clogs your perceptual filters), and a willingness to listen and trust (and that’s where the practice comes in—over …Continue reading

Manitou and the Earth Day Despacho Ceremony

Manitou in Grass ©2014 Rose De Dan

Recently I conducted a Peruvian despacho ceremony in honor of Earth Day and Spring. Despite there only being two human participants the energy was very strong, in part because we invited the Stone, Plant and Animal People and the natural elements (Oceans, Rivers, Winds and more) to add their prayers, too.

As he had done for the …Continue reading

Wisdom of the Dalai Llama at Animals As Healers and Teachers

The Dalai Llama at Pasado's during Animals As Healers and Teachers ©2014 Rose De Dan

I’d like to share one experience that I had when we visited with Animal Teacher Dalai Llama who shares pasture with a llama named Miracle. What’s in a name? In this case, a lot of wisdom. …Continue reading

A Windwalker Earth Day

When I pondered what to write for Earth Day, I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. I wanted to inspire as many people as possible to do something great for the Earth on April 22. I toyed with catchy titles such as “Who’s Your Mama?” to try to attract readers.

While every day should be …Continue reading

Interview with Rose De Dan: Wisdom of the Animal Elders, part 2

The Connection: Ambassador Cucumber the timber wolf and Rose De Dan ©Donna Safely

The Connection: Ambassador Cucumber the timber wolf and Rose De Dan ©Donna Safely 2010

I recently gave an interview to podcast host Lisa Aston where we had such a good time chatting it needed to be published in two parts.

In Reiki and Shamanic Animals Teachers, part 1 we discussed animal communication, Reiki, shamanism and the …Continue reading

Interview with Rose De Dan: Reiki and Shamanic Animal Teachers

Rose De Dan and Goat Jake at New Moon Farm ©2013 Annie Marie Musselman

This interview is the first of a two-parts, and the intensity of it surprised Lisa and myself – the animals were definitely wanting to be heard! Listen in as we discuss animal communication, Reiki, shamanism and the healing wisdom of the animal teachers who can show us the way back to who we are. …Continue reading

Photo Documentary: Listening to Animal Ambassadors at Woodland Park Zoo

Komodo Dragon Selat and Prayer Sticks WP Zoo ©2014 Rose De Dan

Komodo Dragon Selat and Prayer Sticks at Woodland Park Zoo ©2014 Rose De Dan

For this month’s final Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors field trip I led students to the Woodland Park Zoo. There were so many animals that wished to be seen and heard that we not only opened the zoo, we closed it too!

When …Continue reading

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