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The Pachamama Stakes: Race for the Earth

Tales from A Walk on the Wild Side and Windwalker's Message

What is Reiki? Audio

Reiki Master Rose De Dan answers your questions about Reiki benefits for animals & people.

Two Dogs

A story of animal communication and compassion



“Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission--to be of service to them wherever they require it.” — St. Francis of Assisi

Animal, Shamanic and Reiki Gifts with Spirit!


The Reiki/shamanic elves at Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing have the perfect spiritual gifts for you, a loved one or friend.

Spiritual Journals
Created so you can record your holy wow! experiences in greater detail, these journals are also great for special times and events: journeys, loss of a loved one, fire ceremonies, tracking change and transformation, harmony …Continue reading

Ceremonies with the Animals to Create Change

Tiger Master Teacher Jaya, ©Rose De Dan

The animals who reside in zoos are Ambassadors for their species, and are inviting us to work together in a more spiritual way. At their request, this class series will have a special focus on endangered wildlife such as elephants, tigers and wolves. Utilizing basic shamanic techniques, we will meet with Zoo Animal Ambassadors that have invited us to listen to their perceptions, and join in ceremony to support wildlife worldwide. …Continue reading

The Raven Toll Collector

Raven Toll Collector in Yellowstone, ©Rose De Dan

One of the things I love most about traveling in ceremony on behalf of the animals is how many small moments spin themselves out into stories.

It was early morning—the last week Yellowstone National Park was open—so traffic was minimal.

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Winter was approaching, and nighttime temperatures had dropped below freezing. Mist clung to …Continue reading

Ceremony with the Lions

Lion Stare, ©2008 Rose De Dan

In honor of tragically killed wild African lion Cecil, Lion Animal Ambassadors at Woodland Park Zoo and the People came together in ceremony August 22, 2015. What happened next was magical. …Continue reading

Saying Farewell to Cougar

Cougar, ©2002 Rose De Dan, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing

I crossed my beloved half bobcat Cougar over into spirit at his request on September 19, 2015. He was over 18 years old and his body could no longer hold his spirit comfortably. We had 16 years together—but it is never long enough. Cougs, so glad you are free—but I miss feeling your face pressed to …Continue reading

Video A Half Bobcat Named Cougar Gets Two Paws Up

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing and A Half Bobcat Named Cougar,

My new video about my cat Cougar and our healing journey together gets an unexpected pawsitive response from my cat clients. …Continue reading

Death of Cecil the Lion and the Path to Healing

Cecil - Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, ©Vince  O'Sullivan on Flickr

The path to healing is not an easy one—shamanic insights on the killing of Cecil the lion from animal communicator and healer Rose De Dan. …Continue reading

Happy Summer Garden

WRSH Happy Summer, ©Rose De Dan

Plants love Reiki and shamanic energy. Happy Summer from my garden! …Continue reading

A Story for Max, the African Grey

Rose De Dan tells Max a Story, ©Rose De Dan

In my efforts to offer as many Zoo Animal Ambassadors as possible the opportunity to participate in shamanic ceremonies, and for me to connect with them and listen, I make unofficial visits to a few local places regularly. On a visit to Cougar Mountain Zoo I met an African Grey parrot named Max who appreciated a good story. …Continue reading

Shamanic Celebrations with the Orcas

Orca Spy Hop uo, Whale Teachers, ©Rose De Dan

What was it like to meet the Whale Teachers in shamanic ceremony? imagine watching a National Geographic documentary narrated by the Orcas while you are completely surrounded by deeply loving spiritual energy… …Continue reading

Ghost Dog

Puma in the Light, ©2011 Rose De Dan

Our loved ones never really leave us. …Continue reading

The Orcas Are Calling: Whale Teachers Shamanic Journey Telecall June 29

Orca ©2014 Rose De Dan

The second of three shamanic telecalls with the Whale Teachers is coming up!

This time the focus will be on the Orcas. Technically Orcas are members of the oceanic dolphin family, but since we so often refer to them as “killer whales” the Orcas asked to be included as part of the Whale Teacher series and I …Continue reading

Reiki for Garden Seedlings

Reiki Garden,

Reiki energy healing offers benefits to all living beings—including plants. …Continue reading

Celebrating Able Seacat Simon and Other Animal Heroes on Memorial Day

Able Seacat Simon

This Memorial Day take a moment to appreciate the beauty of spending time with loved ones, and say a prayer of thanks for all who have served and are serving. …Continue reading

Shamanic Power Animal Fun

Bee and Lavender, ©Rose De Dan

People often think that power animals are spirit guides that you only contact when you need something major, but the truth is that they are happy to be asked for guidance on smaller decisions as well. …Continue reading

Growing a ReikiShamanic Garden

Growing a ReikiShamanic Garden Lilacs ©Rose De Dan

How Reiki and shamanic energy healing can help you grow a garden and your life. …Continue reading

Who is Listening to the Elephants?

Who is Listening to the Elephants: Wisdom from Watoto ©2014 Rose De Dan

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle recently announced that they would be moving remaining elephants Chai and Bamboo to the Oklahoma City Zoo. The announcement was met with a lot of angry opposition from activists who wanted them to be retired to a sanctuary. A few of my readers reached out to me to ask if I knew what Chai and Bamboo preferred. Here are the messages I received from Master Teacher African elephant Watoto. …Continue reading

Reiki is for the Birds

Reiki is for the birds 4 ©2015 Rose De Dan

This morning as I was working at my computer I heard a muffled bang.

Turning I saw that a junco had hit the glass storm door, and was lying on my doorstep. She had one wing half outstretched and I feared that it might be broken. I sensed that she was very dazed from the impact, and made the decision to offer her Reiki energy healing from a distance rather than going out and picking her up. …Continue reading

A Walk on the Wild Side 2015 at Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary

Lynx Elmo at Earthfire Institute, Photo: ©2014 Andrew Hinton

A Walk on the Wild Side: Answering the Call of the Wild was created in 2010 to bring people and animals together in ceremony with the intention of rebuilding the bridge between species. Personal change has a ripple effect; when it takes place within sacred ceremony what we heal in ourselves helps create shifts worldwide for animals and people. …Continue reading

Octopus Love and Crab Prayers

River Otter and Prayer Stick ©2015 Rose De Dan

I spent this past Valentine’s Day with the many different species of animals, birds, and other marine wildlife at the Seattle Aquarium. It was the third field trip for Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassadors, and we had let all of the animals know that we were coming to be with them to listen, collect their prayers for ceremony, and perhaps offer a little Reiki here and there. …Continue reading

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