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"We need to look after our water and the life in the water. Fish have a right to the water too. We are the caretakers, the voice for the air, water, Earth. Use your voice, speak up, be the voice for the voiceless. We have the duty of prayer. Give thanks for all. It's our responsibility as humans. It's up to us to preserve the Earth." — Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim

Holiday Savings on Gift of the Animals: Shamanic Stories, Perceptions, Journeys

Elmo in the Grass at Earthfire Institute, ©Rose De Dan

In December 2014 a unique 4-part teleseminar series was hosted by people and the wild animals of Earthfire Institute. The series concluded on Christmas Eve with the animals offering each listener a very special gift.

I am delighted to report that The Gift of the Animals: Shamanic Stories, Perceptions, Journeys series was recorded and is now available with special holiday savings as our gift to you!

What the Animals Want

The animals would like to help us shift back into connection with them. In order for that to happen we need to view the world through their eyes for a moment—to shift to their way of perceiving.

Messages, Insights, Shamanic Journeys

With the shamanic support of animal spirit allies, you will receive insights and messages as Rose De Dan interviews Susan Eirich and Jean Simpson about their perceptions of what the wild animals they live and work with daily at Earthfire Institute want us to know, and what they have learned from the animals themselves.

You will get to know some of the animals as individuals, and gain insights into their lives. You will also experience shamanic journeys (led by me), to meet the animals in a place between the worlds where messages, guidance and healing are more easily accessible.

Each recording is hosted by different species of animals:

Wolves, Week 1: Council of Wolves and timber wolf Cucumber (in spirit), and the wolves of Earthfire Institute

Buffalo, Week 2: Bison Elders (in spirit) and Buffalo Bluebell and Nima

Bears, Week 3: Black Bears Major Bear (in spirit), Huckleberry Bear Bear, Grizzlies Teton Totem, Bramble, Ramble, and Humble Bumble

Felines, Week 4: Mountain Lion Windwalker (in spirit), Lynx Elmo (now in spirit), Bobcat Better

As we transition into the New Year save $15 off any purchase of Gift of the Animals made by December 31, 2015. Use coupon code ANIMAL15 at checkout to activate your gift discount. A portion of each purchase goes to help support the animals at Earthfire Institute.

Click here to purchase or learn more.

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