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"Then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. "And I say the sacred hoop of my people was one of the many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy... "But anywhere is the center of the world." — Black Elk, Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux

Grande Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit Grande ©Rose De Dan
Save with two kits in one! Grande Smudge Kit contains larger kit for home and mini kit (with handwoven Peruvian zippered case) for travel use.

Complete kit contains:

• 3 white sage bundles and 1 cedar, plus 2 oz. palo santo wood
• 1 large abalone shell and large wild turkey feather for home
• 1 small abalone shell, wild turkey feather and handwoven Peruvian carrying case for travel
• instruction booklet


Mini Travel Kit

• one mini abalone shell
• a zippered and lined carrying case with carrying strap handwoven in Peru from a mixture of llama and/or alpaca/sheep wool (approx. 7-8″ long, and 2″ in diameter, each case is a different design, let us pick one for you)
• one small wild turkey feather (approx. 5″-6″, fits neatly into the carrying case for use when travel does not allow for bringing along larger feather)


• one cedar mini smudge bundle
• three white sage mini smudge bundles
• two oz. palo santo wood

Home Smudge Kit

• one large abalone shell (approx. 4″-5″), to catch any ashes or hold smudge stick when finished
• one large wild turkey feather (approx. 14″), for wafting the smoke

And finally, a booklet containing information on the Smudging Ceremony, and instructions on clearing a person or house of heavy energy (hucha in Peruvian shamanism).

May not be available for shipment outside the U.S.

Grande Smudge Kit: $49.99 (U.S.) — Add to Cart