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“We share this world, Pachamama (a Peruvian Quechua word meaning Mother Earth), with species seemingly vastly different than ourselves. Many of us feel a loss of connection, a distancing from the natural world that surrounds and maintains precarious toeholds within our cultivated, civilized areas. And so we bring the natural world into our homes—plants, fountains, other species (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish)—to share our space with us. And we do this because it makes us feel good, perhaps not consciously realizing that what we seek is a return to balance, harmony, and connection with all our relations.” — Rose De Dan, Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism

Who’s Alpha Now?

I recently went on a road trip to Eastern Washington to visit Kimberly who is interested in turning her property into a workshop retreat center. Newly-minted Reiki Master Teacher Rhonda Hanley and my dog Puma were also part of the adventure.

Kimberly and all of her animals (cats, dogs, horses, donkey) welcomed us heartily. Puma had never really seen horses up close, and it was interesting to note that he attempted to communicate with them as though they were really big dogs, turning his body sideways so that they could sniff and wagging his tail to let them know he had friendly intentions. One of Kimberly’s horses, Tulle, kept an eye on Puma throughout the visit. I think she was trying to figure out if he was part wolf (-:

Tulle has a dominating nature, she was trying to show him who was alpha as Puma is an alpha dog. Puma, bless his heart, ceded the field to what he considered a vastly larger being. His respect did not extend to staying out of the grazing area—while I was doing some Reiki and shamanic work with one of the horses Puma felt he needed to be part of the action (as he is in my healing practice) and perhaps protect me from the other large horses who were crowding around me wanting to be part of the action, too. This led to a somewhat tense moment as he ducked under the fence, and being on his leash could not easily get back to the safe side. I had to move quickly to get to him first; Tulle was clearly intent on teaching him whose pasture it was!

1 comment to Who’s Alpha Now?

  • kimberly brown

    Your creative titles to your stories are as gifted as the prose itself! Your story put a smile on my face….and I was there! And I had a smile on my face then, too. What an enjoyable day that was! And to watch the animal dynamics throughout the day was rewarding as well as engaging. We will have to do it again sometime soon. Having you and Rhonda here just made the idea of a healing retreat center even more exciting, revving up my creative juices and titillating my suppressed, artistic talents. Thank you, Rose, for the insights, the company and the wonder you have brought into my life. Keep up the great writing. The world needs to read the compassion and the joy you feel and return to its peaceful place of origin. Take care always.


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